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STAR Report Summer 2010-2011

Drexel professors are utilizing Blackboard Classic in their course sections and this activity spans many academic disciplines. Drexel IT developed a "STAR Report" (recall the Morningstar Report rationale for evaluating mutual funds in a clear, understandable, manner). This STAR Report is based on metrics focused on engagement, content, features, and organization.

Metrics in each section indicate levels of:

  • Student log-ins
  • Student online time
  • Assessment elements
  • Discussion topics
  • Content files
  • Course complexity/design

NOTE: Other professors utilize other systems; this STAR Report focuses on Bb Classic users.

The following professors topped the report in their respective colleges or schools.

Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Sharon Erwin PT Law and the Arts AADM-620-900 OL
Jonathan Hummel PT Tech Mgmt in the Arts AADM-775-900 OL
Brian Moore PT Tech & Mktg Of Arts AADM-770-900 OL

Bennett S. LeBow College of Business

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Robert Baer PT Intro Marketing Mgmt MKTG-301-900 OL
Allen Grant FT Leadership & Prof Development ORGB-625-150 HY
Theodore Hartz PT Measuring/Maximizing Fin Perf BUSN-501-150 HY
Brian Moffitt PT Leadership & Prof Development ORGB-625-900 OL

College of Arts and Sciences

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Michael Daniel PT Fundamentals of Mathematics MATH-100-900 OL
Daniel Driscoll PT Analytical Writing and Reading ENGL-103-900 OL
Marlin Killen FT Educational Psychology PSY-320-950 OL
Nikolaos Linardopoulos PT Business Communication COM-270-706 F2F
Adam Rickert PT Mathematical Analysis III MATH-183-900 OL
William Rosenberg PT Intro Political Science PSCI-100-900 OL
Kathy Yang PT Mathematical Analysis I MATH-181-900 OL

College of Nursing and Health Professions

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Lisa Chiarello FT Clinical Correlations II PTRS-538-002 F2F
Karyn Holt FT Methods for Health Research RSCH-523-902 OL
Karyn Holt FT Evid Based Approaches to Prac NURS-527-900, 902 & 903 OL
Eileen Kelly PT Global Health & Policy Issues NURS-460-902 OL
James Konzelman PT BldngĀ  & Ldng High Perf HC Org NURS-563-900 OL
Vicki Lachman FT Advanced Ethics NURS-502-901 OL
Pamela McGee FT Health Assessment NURS-346-901 OL
Robert Mele FT Advanced Pathophysiology NURS-548-900 OL
Faye Meloy FT Masters Nurs Educ Practicum I NURS-626-901 OL
Kimberlee Montgomery FT Mgmt/Care of Wmn Gyn Needs I NURS-690-900 OL
Catherine Morse FT Adult Acute Care NP I NURS-570-900 OL
Patricia Riccio PT Methods for Health Research RSCH-523-901 OL
Leland Rockstraw FT Tech for Nurs Educ & Practice NURS-614-900 OL
Michelle Sahl FT Intro to Health-Systems Admin HSAD-310-901 OL
Judith White PT ST:Princ of Bio-Energy Therapy CIT-628-900 OL
Regina Willard FT Adult Acute Care NP I NURS-570-901 OL
Regina Willard FT Health Assessment NURS-346-900 OL
Linda Wilson FT Tech for Nurs Educ & Practice NURS-614-901 OL

Information Science and Technologies

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Eileen Abels PT Information Forensics INFO-710-901 OL
Beverly Buckta PT Foundations of Info Systems INFO-530-901 OL
Yungrang Cheng PT Research in Info Orgs INFO-515-900 OL
Catherine Collins FT Managing Information Orgs INFO-640-901 OL
Catherine Collins FT Managing Information Orgs INFO-640-900 OL
Catherine Collins FT Collection Management INFO-665-901 OL
Prudence Dalrymple FT Healthcare Informatics INFO-648-901 OL
Belinha De Abreu FT Resources for Young Adults INFO-684-901 OL
Melissa Harvey PT Info Access & Resources INFO-522-901 OL
Martha Heyman PT Content Representation INFO-622-901 OL
Michael Krasulski PT Managing Information Orgs INFO-640-902 OL
Linda Marion FT Information Users and Services INFO-521-901 OL
Scott Overmyer PT Human-Computer Interaction INFO-608-900 OL
Scott Overmyer PT Info Sys Analysis & Design INFO-620-900 OL
Lillian Rozaklis PT Digital Reference Srvcs INFO-740-900 OL
Thomas Swanson PT Distrib Comput & Networking INFO-614-900 OL
Heather Willever-Farr PT NURS Informatics for BSN Comp INFO-404-901 OL
Kathleen Williams PT Info Inn & Tech: Adv Nurs Prac INFO-526-902 OL
Sarah Zach FT Knowledge Assets Mgt in Orgs INFO-644-900 OL

Richard C. Goodwin College of Professional Studies

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Jane Bokunewicz PT Destination and Resort Mgmt HRM-515-951 OL
James Breen PT Risk Management in Const CMGT-515-952 OL
Richard Chiou PT Sustain and Green Manufact ET-755-900 OL
David Comroe PT IT Security I CT-395-900 OL
Lisa Creach PT Real Estate Econ in Urban Mkts REAL-574-951 OL
Brandon Dorfman PT Strategies: Lifelong Learning CAT-200-900 OL
Linda Forristal PT Tourism and Sustainability HRM-612-950 OL
Ronald Gottardi PT Project Management CT-431-120 HY
James Kurack PT IT Security Policies CT-412-900 OL
Nikolaos Linardopoulos PT Interpersonal Communication CAT-201-900 OL
Cynthia Orth PT Operating Sys Arch I CT-340-900 OL
Ann Solan FT Creativity & Change Leadership CRTV-610-900 OL

School of Education

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Donald Barrett PT Low Incident Disabilities EDUC-550-901 OL
Barbara Cassel PT Low Incident Disabilities EDUC-550-900 OL
Shannon Corey PT Special Education Foundations EDUC-142-900 OL
Nancy Daly PT Fundamentals of Special Educ EDUC-542-903 OL
Nancy Daly PT Literacy & Content Skill Devel EDUC-546-902 OL
Sunda Dierkes PT Principles of Adult Education EDHE-660-900 OL
Sunda Dierkes PT Capstone Co-op Portfolio II EHRD-716-900 OL
Marion Dugan PT Literacy & Content Skill Devel EDUC-546-903 OL
Brenda Eaton-Shadie PT Pervasive Develop Disorders EDUC-551-900 OL
Megan Elwood PT Spec Ed: Methods & Practices EDUC-553-900 OL
Salvatore Falletta FT Quant Resrch/Data Analysis EDUC-835-600 F2F
Lora Furman PT Higher Ed Career Development EDHE-606-902 OL
Claire Hughes PT Pervasive Develop Disorders EDUC-551-901 OL
Mary Ellen Kassotakis PT Principles of Adult Education EDHE-660-600 HY
Mary Ellen Kassotakis PT Consulting/Leadership Coaching EHRD-600-600 HY
Christina Kingham PT ST: Adolescent Literacy EDUC-775-900 OL
Frederick Loomis FT Higher Ed Career Development EDHE-606-900 OL
Constance Lyttle PT Learning Disabilities II EDUC-537-900 OL
Constance Lyttle PT ST:Inclus Practices Except Stu EDUC-775-910 OL
Robert McGee PT Focus on World Geography EDUC-512-900 OL
Michel Miller FT Quant Resrch/Data Analysis EDUC-835-610 HY
Amy Orlando PT Current Rsrch Curric & Instruc EDUC-324-900 OL
Jennifer Pontano PT Multi-Media Instruc Desgn EDUC-525-903 OL
Erik Poole PT Multi-Media Instruc Desgn EDUC-525-904 OL
Melissa Rizzuto PT Multi-Media Instruc Desgn EDUC-525-902 OL
Victoria Rosario PT Student Development & Mgmt EDHE-520-600 HY
John Scarinci PT Current Rsrch Curric & Inst EDUC-524-900 OL
Donna Schnupp PT Multi-Media Instruc Desgn EDUC-525-905 OL
Jennifer Schweikert PT Fundamentals of Special Educ EDUC-542-900 & 901 OL
Bernadine Sikorski PT Consulting/Leadership Coaching EHRD-600-900 OL
Elaine Watson PT Cult Hist Significance of Math EDUC-528-900 OL
Ellen Wedemeyer PT Fundamentals of Special Educ EDUC-542-902 OL
Shira Woolf PT Found in Educ I EDUC-101-900 OL
Marie Yursa FT DA & PR/Stat Reas MTED-503-900 OL

School of Public Health

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Brett Maiese PT Design/Analysis Epidem Studies PBHL-703-900 OL