New Partnerships and Exchanges

We are pleased to support Drexel faculty and staff in developing new international partnerships and exchanges. If you are interested in developing a formal agreement with an international institution or developing an exchange program for students, please contact 215-895-6372 or to set up an appointment with OIP.

There are resources below and on our resources page to assist in partnership and program development. If you would like to develop a student program that is not a study abroad exchange, contact OIP and explore the resources for Drexel Travelers and Study Abroad on the resources page.

Form Name Purpose Type Description
Internal Approval Routing Form
Partnerships & Exchanges Form Defines and details parameters of new (or renewed) international agreements for review and signing by Drexel University administrators. MUST Accompany all agreements.
Sample MOU
  - Short Example
  - Long Example
Partnerships & Exchanges Sample Sample Memorandum of Understanding for establishing relationships with partnering universities, to be executed by University administrators.
Sample Exchange Agreement
(.docx )
Partnerships & Exchanges Sample Sample exchange agreement for reference when developing new international agreements.
Sample Letter of Cooperation for Dual Degree
(.docx )
Partnerships & Exchanges Sample Sample Letter of Cooperation for reference when developing a new dual degree program.
MOU Supplement Model for Dual Degrees
(.docx )
Partnerships & Exchanges Sample Sample supplement to a Memorandum of Understanding for use with new dual degree programs.
Guidelines for International Cooperative Agreements
( .pdf)
Partnerships & Exchanges Policy Things to consider when developing a new international cooperative agreement.
Guidelines for Creating a Dual Degree Program
( .pdf)
Partnerships & Exchanges Policy Steps and tips for those interested in proposing a new dual degree program