OIP co-sponsors Weddings Across the Globe with SSIE funding

The Honor Students Advisory committee (HSAC) and International Students Union (ISU) received Student Sponsored International Event (SSIE) funding from the Office of International Programs. If your student organization wishes to apply for SSIE funding for your international event, please apply using the application link.

The Honor Students Advisory committee (HSAC) and International Students Union (ISU) worked together to make the Weddings Across the Globe event a success. 17 photos were carefully chosen to represent 17 amazing wedding ceremonies. The countries included were Malaysia, South Korea, India, Mexico, Ireland and Iran. These photos were enlarged, printed (11X17”) and hanged on the intercultural center first floor gallery from the 5th of February till the 17th of February. Each photo was accompanied by a short description of the custom portrayed in the picture.

Drexel Preview

On the 10th of February, ISU & HSAC held an opening ceremony for the gallery. Around 30 people attended the event. There were 4 main parts to the event. Attendees were given a short quiz when they first arrived. The answers to the quiz could be found in the descriptions of the wedding photos on the wall. The attendees had to walk around the room to answer 5 questions. The first 20 people who completed the quiz correctly were given a small bag of Hershey kisses.

ext, we introduced the audience to the Chinese tea ceremony usually conducted at Chinese wedding. Although most traditional Chinese wedding customs are no longer practiced, this tradition is still conducted by most Chinese families. The tea ceremony is an opportunity for the bride and groom to pay respect to the older generation, receiving their blessing before the big day.
After that we asked all the single attendees to join us for the Peruvian Cake pull. The Peruvian Cake pull is equivalent to a bouquet toss at a Western wedding. Charms are tied to a piece of ribbon and hidden in the wedding cake. Each charm represents something but there is only one wedding ring charm. At the end of the ceremony, all the single guests will pick a ribbon and pull out a charm. The guest who pulls out the wedding ring charm is predicted to marry next. Ameer was the lucky single attendee who got the wedding ring charm. Everyone was served the delicious wedding cake after that.

Lastly, we had Indian henna hand painting. It’s customary for Indian brides to paint their hands with Henna tattoos at their wedding ceremony. Designs were printed for students to follow. Everyone got a chance to paint his or her own hands. Throughout the night we also projected wedding dresses from other cultures onto a white wedding dress that was designed and handmade by one our ISU members. These allowed the audience to compare the many different wedding dresses that exist in the world.

Overall, the event was a success. The best parts of the whole event were the pictures. Most of the students who have seen the gallery has expressed that the pictures were breathtaking and the descriptions were very insightful.

Quiz Chinese Tea CeremonyPeruvian Cake pull Indian henna