Cooperative Education Programs in China

The Office of International Programs and the Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC) hosted a group of 25 high-level administrators from Chinese universities at Drexel on June 2nd to learn about our unique cooperative education program. Provost Mark Greenberg welcomed the group to Drexel followed by Vice Provost for Global Initiatives, Julie Mostov, who explained Drexel’s strategic interests in working with Chinese universities. Then, Peter Franks, Executive Director of SCDC gave a presentation on Co-op, beginning with Drexel’s history as a pioneer in cooperative education. He noted that Drexel began the program in 1919 and now operates one of the oldest and largest “co-op” programs in the world, engaging more than 1,500 local and international employers. The group came to Drexel as a part of the Penn-NAEA program, which is a joint-effort among China’s Ministry of Education, the National Academy for Educational Administration in China (NAEA) and Penn GSE for the purpose of promoting the exchange of ideas among university administrators in China and the United States. This year’s themes were trends in US higher education, university development and planning formulations, postgraduate training and management, and improving student’s innovative abilities.