Student Conference on Global Challenges

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Technology &... (2014-2015)

Date: February 19, 2015
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Venue: Behrakis Hall Grand Hall , Creese Student Center, 3210 Chestnut Street

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Previous Events

2012-2013 Security

Gender (2013-2014)

Male. Female. Transgender. XX. XY. XXY. Masculinities. Femininities.
How do we live and define sex and gender in 2014 and beyond? Innovations in science and technology combined with shifting social and political forces impact contemporary understandings of gender. This conference offers students opportunities to share their research and engage in critical reflection and dialogue about sex and gender as it relates to the diverse disciplines of health, education, science, human rights, technology, medicine, law, media, economics, politics, culture and history.

2012-2013 Security

Security (2012-2013)

What does security mean in 2013 and beyond? From cyberspace attacks on government intelligence to food scarcity in South Sudan, the security choices we make today will directly impact the world of tomorrow. Throughout the conference, participants will engage on challenging global security issues, including but not limited to environmental security; information and internet security; health, gender and human security; security technologies and the business of security; national and border security; and the role of media in security.

2011-2012 Food

Food (2011-2012)

Food is crucial to our survival, integral to our culture, a determinant of our health, a focus of new technologies, and a commodity affecting GNP and political policy, driving conflict or cooperation in international relations. Whether abundant or scarce, it is part of the art, science, ethics, and labor of our daily lives.

2010-2011 Urban Spaces

Urban Spaces (2010-2011)

Flows of people, capital, knowledge, information, and culture converge in cities and metropolitan corridors, these spaces, made of complex networks of human and material linkages, host both embedded centers of power and new challenges to existing political authority and territoriality.

2009-2010 Water

Water (2009-2010)

Most of us don't think about water; we turn on a tap and clean water flows readily. Yet for millions of people, water is a constant concern: Will the taps run? Will there be enough water? Will it be clean? Access to water is a global problem which affects essential areas such as health, the food supply, education and the development of local communities.

2009-2010 Water

Energy & Environment (2008-2009)

Some of the biggest global challenges that we face today have to do with providing people with clean, safe, efficient, and affordable energy and promoting sustainable development. With increasing global interdependence we need to tackle these challenges both locally and globally and from a variety of different perspectives.

2009-2010 Water

Responsibility & Empowerment (2007-2008)

This conference was special for many reasons, foremost amongst them being that it was the first cross-campus, interdisciplinary student conference at Drexel  and the first public event sponsored by our newly created Office of International Programs.  The conference consisted of 6 panels: Global Health, Global Social & Economic Trends, Global Business Trends, Global Justice & Human Rights, Global Media and Global Science Technology and Society.