Student Conference on Global Challenges


Date: March 1st, 2013
Time: All day conference
Venue: Behrakis Hall Grand Hall , Creese Student's center, 32nd and Chestnut Street.


On Friday, March 1st, 2013, the Office of International Programs held its 6th Annual Student Conference on Global Challenges focusing this year on the topic Security. The conference, the only of its kind on Drexel's campus, was attended by over 200 students, faculty, and community members. This important event provided the opportunity for students to present on unique challenges and innovative solutions to global security in the 21st century.

The conference opened with a welcome by Provost Dr. Mark Greenberg, followed by the first two student panels on Global Political and Social Trends and Global Science, Technology and Society. Student panelists, representing 11 of Drexel's colleges and schools, as well as other local universities such as St. Joes, presented a wealth of diverse perspectives on global security. Their topics included food security, internet censorship, how education relates to security, and environmental security.

"One of the things I love about this conference is that it provides a unique opportunity to hear directly from the students about the diverse work they are doing to address global challenges. The design of the panels facilitates connections between the research and teaching done across distinct academic units," said Heidi West, Program Manager of the Office of International Programs.

The keynote speaker, Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr. delivered a stirring address on nuclear weapons and global security. His talk was extremely timely considering the current international nuclear negotiations. The argument he presented on the relationship between the weapons programs of Iran and North Korea was picked up by major news outlets ( Ambassador Graham is considered one of the leading experts on nuclear non-proliferation, serving as the senior US diplomat in the negotiation of every major international arms control agreement in the last 40 years. He concluded his speech with an extensive question and answer session, as well as a book signing of his latest book: Unending Crisis: National Security Policy after 9/11.

In addition to the six student panels and the keynote address, participants had the opportunity to meet with representatives from various organizations whose work directly relates to a broad array of security issues. The conference concluded with a reception and closing remarks delivered by Dr. Julie Mostov, Vice Provost for Global Initiatives.

The Office of International Programs would like to extend gratitude to all of the panelists who contributed to the success of this event. We also appreciate the time and dedication of the five faculty moderators. A special thanks to Professor Salas' Television Management graduate students for their innovative research and multimedia presentations.

Keep an eye out this fall for announcements about the 2014 Student Conference on Global Challenges.

Global Business and Economic Trends

  • Christopher Spurlino
  • Nicole Koedyker
  • Krish Suchak
  • Tiffany Tippins
  • Michelle Silberman
  • Matthew Schreffler
  • Moderator: Dr. Stanley Ridgley

    Global Health

    • Kaelee Shepherd
    • Krishna Desai
    • Chelsey Galdi
    • Christopher Klimovitz
    • Raghav Sharma
    • Habib Olajide
    • Adam Smith
    • Lindsay Tunkel
    • Weena Doyle
    Moderator: Dr. Shannon Marquez

    Global Political and Social Trends

    • Cheryl Thompson-Morton
    • Arhama Rushdi
    • Andrew Phillips
    Moderator: Dr. Daniel Friedheim

    Global Media, Culture, and Arts

    • Christina Coleman
    • Fengwei Gu
    • Baihui Miao
    • Amanda Ramsaran
    • James Todd
    • Yun Gao
    • Ri Hai
    • Azamir Green
    • Kelsey Hanley
    • Yumeng Xiao
    • Amie Dibba
    • Shanshan Hu
    • Sarah Meiklejohn
    • Kiara Shepherd
    • Agnus Varughese
    • Yang Yang
    • Randi Figures
    • Andrea Gould
    • Anessa Howell
    • Die Ruan
    • Shanshan Song
    • Darrell Alston
    • Loretta Gary
    • Sharlene Johnson
    • Keyang Li
    • Xinting Wan
    Moderator: Philip W. Salas

    Global Science, Technology, and Society

    • Jember Fesseha
    • Jember Fesseha
    • Chaya Tierkel
    • Farzana Rahman
    • Tyler Kruszewski
    • Marisa Somich
    • Nicholas Kramer
    • Ryan Measel
    • Avni Choksi
    • Chris Spudle
    Moderator: Dr. William Regli

    In addition, we appreciate the presence of numerous organizations that came to provide information on engagement opportunities.

    • Study Abroad
    • Peace Day Philly
    • RedCap
    • SCDC
    • PA Program for Peace
    • Thai Harvest
    • ISSS
    • GIE/ School of ED
    • Dragons for Israel
    • Dragons for Palestine
    • Muslim Student Association
    • UN Drexel Student Alliance
    • UNA-GP
    • ELC- Conversation Network
    • Engineers Without Borders

    Thank you to the staff and volunteers including, but not limited to:

    Daniela Ascarelli
    Bharat Bansal
    Dr. Joan Blochr
    Carlos Handal
    Marcia Henisz
    Kathryn Hughes
    Kristy Kelly
    Kailey Kluge
    Francisca Maniscola

    Stephanie Ostroff
    Nirali Patel
    Kate Pagano
    Farzana Rahman
    Cindy Schaarschmidt
    Ahaji Schreffler
    Erica Sebastian
    James Sullivan

    Finally, a special thank you is given to Heidi West, Programs Manager for the Office of International Programs and Adam Zahn, Program Coordinator for the Office of International Programs. Without whom, none of this would have been possible.