2009-2010 Event History

Drexel Student Alliance Hosts Expert Panel Discussion on Iran and the Nuclear Weapons Crisis?

The world economy is still reeling from the impacts of a severe financial meltdown. Hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars in capital value have been lost in stock markets. Inter- bank credit has frozen and the actual cost of borrowing has gone up significantly. Unemplayment has been rising and major economies of the world are in or close to ression. Is this the 'Great Depression' of the 21st centuary?

Cross-Country Conversation: Gender Equality – A Myth or a Reality?

The Office of International Programs is holding our next cross country conversation on April 12th during the World Fusion Fest. We are hoping to encourage interaction among international and domestic students around issues of common concern through a series of panel discussions

2009-2010 Water

Student Conference on Global Challenges - Water

Most of us don't think about water; we turn on a tap and clean water flows readily. Yet for millions of people, water is a constant concern: Will the taps run? Will there be enough water? Will it be clean? Access to water is a global problem which affects essential areas such as health, the food supply, education and the development of local communities.

Ricardo Jiménez

Jiménez was accused of belonging to a radical underground independence group and was arrested in 1980 for seditious conspiracy and related charges and received a sentence of 98 years. While in prison, Jimanez taught math and basic literacy to illiterate prisoners as well as providing tutoring for the GED exam and English as a second language.