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Krupa Desai

Erica HopeWhen I heard about the co-op program, I instantly saw the benefit of a Drexel education. That is what initially attracted me to Drexel. Experience is the key element employers look for in potential new hires, and with Drexel co-op, we already have that by the time we graduate. The second attraction for me was Philadelphia. I love everything about the city from the sports to the sights, so Drexel is a good fit for me.

My ideal job would be working in investor relations for a company like Urban Outfitters. That would not have been my response before I came to Drexel, but it has been ever since my first co-op experience, when I had my initial exposure to the field of finance, and more importantly, finance within the retail industry. This in addition to the public relations classes I attended helped me to realize that I love to meet and talk with people.

In my freshman year, I was a member of the Business Learning Community, which single-handedly shaped my Drexel experience. It allowed me to meet many students within my own major, as well as many others students from across campus. The variety of clubs available, from the major-focused ones to those that are purely for fun, make it easy to meet people you never would have met otherwise.

I have received financial aid from a Drexel alumnus and his family, and I would not be here today without it. Being able to go to college and focus solely on your future is something not everyone has the privilege to do. I think many donors are Drexel alumni who want to help current students achieve the best they possibly can by offering benefits they might not have had when they were here.


Because of the help I personally have received, I see myself giving back to Drexel one day, too. This is where I decided what I wanted to do with my life, and every opportunity I have been given so far has been directly related to my Drexel experience, and its reputation in the Philadelphia community. I hope my story will encourage you to consider contributing to Drexel and helping other students like me.



rica Hope





Krupa Desai
LeBow College of Business ‘12


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