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Contact Directory

Name / Title Office Telephone / Email
Eric Almonte
Assistant Vice President, Unit Leader
Major Gifts 215-571-4517
Elsa Aponte
Department Administrator, FCR
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-895-6652
Patricia Austin
Associate Vice President, CFR
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-895-5844
Alyson Avery
Campaign Systems Coordinator
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-405-5078
Aleksandra Ola Baldych
Associate Director, Graphic Design
Communications & Marketing 215-895-1674
Susan Baren-Pearson
Director of Development, Affinity Groups
Major Gifts 215-571-4097
Kelly Batstone
Executive Director, Donor Relations
Donor Relations 215-895-6323
Reginald Battles
Associate Director, Gift Records
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-895-2619
Sok Be
Executive Director, Development, CoNHP
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-762-6782
Grace Beebe
Gift Planning 215-895-1248
Vanessa Bender
Marketing Director
Communications & Marketing 215-895-0230
John Bernat
Director, Development, CoE
Major Gifts 215-571-4662
Chris Bertone
Associate Director, Young Alumni & Student Programs
Alumni Relations 215-571-4085
Chrissy Bowdren
Associate Director, Regional Networks
Alumni Relations 215-895-2610
Andi Bricklin
Associate Director, Digital Marketing
Communications & Marketing 215-895-2604
Christopher Brittin
Vice President, Development
Major Gifts 215-895-6427
Cricket Brosius
Associate Vice President, Liberal Arts/Affinity Groups
Major Gifts 215-895-1059
Susan Buonfiglio
Assistant Director, Records Management
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-895-1694
Brett M. Burchette
Executive Director, Development, LeBow CoB
Major Gifts 215-571-3531
Christopher Byers
Associate Director, Development, CoMAD
Major Gifts 215-895-0268
Marilyn Chandler
Administrative Assistant, CoM&HA
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2235
Harry Childs
Oracle Report Writer II
Information Services 215-571-4530
Chih-Hung Cho
Web Developer
Information Services 215-895-1236
Fanny Chu-Fong
Executive Director, Regional Networks
Alumni Relations 215-895-2793
Leah J. Cianfrani
Assistant Vice President
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2236
Meg Clifton
Director of Individual Giving and Stewardship
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-3790
Debora L. Clower
Assistant Vice President, Presidential Advisory Councils
Presidential Councils 215-571-3794
Taylor Coolidge
Co-Op, College of Medicine
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2230
Tanya Cooper
Business Analyst
Advancement Services 215-895-2704
Michelle Crouch
Assistant Director, Prospect Development
Prospect Development 215-895-6159
Steffie Crowther
Executive Director, Development, LeBow CoB
Major Gifts 267-505-8625
Sarah Deike
Membership Coordinator
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1009
Kristen DeVries
Sr. Associate Vice President/ Campaign Director
Advancement Services 215-895-0348
Kerry DiBlasio
Executive Director, Development, CHSM/Athletics
Major Gifts 215-571-3803
Sandra Donahue
Assistant Vice President, Office of Protocol
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215 571 4069
Renee Dorsey
Gift Processor, Gift Accounting, Col of Medicine
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2358
Anne Estey
Executive Copywriter
Major Gifts 215-895-2962
Bridget Everman
Associate Director
Donor Relations 215-895-2999
Lindsay Fiesthumel
Director of Membership and Appeals
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1011
Rob Fisher
Associate Director, Development, Athletics
Major Gifts 215-571-4487
Donna Frithsen
Vice President, Development, Medicine and Health Affairs
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2209
Lois Gabin-Legato
Associate Vice President, CCI/Westphal
Major Gifts 215-571-3597
Lauren Gentzler
Development Major Gifts Officer, CoE
Major Gifts
Lara Geragi
Senior Director
Communications & Marketing 215-895-0983
Ken Goldman
Senior Associate Vice President, President Initiative
Major Gifts 215-895-2607
Nina R. Gonser
Executive Director of Finance/Campaign Logistics
Finance & Administration 215-571-4084
Joyce Haas
Executive Assistant 11
Senior VP 215-895-1261
Heather Hahn Sullivan
Associate Director of Corporate Giving
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-405-1542
Betsy Hall
Associate Vice President, Outreach
Outreach 215-571-4030
Bridget Hanna
Administrative Coordinator, CoB, CH&SM
Major Gifts 215-571-3816
Xavier Hemphill
Assistant Director, Leadership Annual Giving
Drexel Fund 215-571-4359
Ellen Herlich
Associate Director, Gift Compliance
Advancement Services 215-571-3801
Elizabeth Howanski
Development Associate, CoE, CCI & Westphal
Major Gifts 215-571-3849
Emily L. Kahn
Associate Director, Prospect Development
Prospect Development 215-895-1908
Shelley Kardon
Director, Prospect Development
Prospect Development 215-895-0484
Nancy B. Katz
Executive Director, Strategic Relations
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-895-0984
Vale Kenny
Assistant Director
Information Services 215-895-6912
Gina Kerwin
Associate Director, Presidential Councils
Presidential Councils 215-895-6465
Charlie Kirkwood
Information Services 215-895-1982
Christina Klassis
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations 215-571-3836
Zoe Kuenstler
Campaign Administrative Assistant
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1182
Ivy Lane
Director, Strategy and Analytics
Drexel Fund 215-895-2616
David Lanza
Associate Director, Regional Networks
Alumni Relations 215-571-3823
Cindy Leesman
Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations 215-895-2700
Angel Lugo
Gift Processor, Gift Accounting
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-895-2438
Maria Luszcz
Operations Manager
Outreach 215-895-1039
Claire M. Lutz
Gift Accounting Specialist
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-895-5962
Eileen Lydon
Associate Director, Administrative Operations
Finance & Administration 215-895-2198
Sarah Lydon
Assistant Director, Prospect Development
Prospect Development 215-571-3532
Mary Madeira
Creative Director
Communications & Marketing 215-571-3829
Ginene Mahoney
Administrative Assistant, CoM&HA
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2268
Christine McAuliffe
Director, Marketing Technology/Innovation
Communications & Marketing 215-895-2794
Brenna McBride
Associate Director
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-895-1843
Kevin McNamara
Assistant Vice President, SPH, Health Affairs
Major Gifts 267-359-6093
Bernadette McNulty
Executive Director, CFR-COM
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-762-2203
Cassie Mesko
Regional Director of Development for New York
Major Gifts 215-571-4067
Cory Miller
Director, Alumni Engagement
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2273
Elizabeth Miller
Associate Director, Development
Drexel Fund 215-571-4366
Amy Miller Marvin
Vice President, ANS Institutional Advancement
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1013
Elizabeth Moyer
Development Associate, Liberal Arts/Affinity Groups
Major Gifts 215-895-1525
Pearce Muncy
Assistant Director
Information Services 215-895-1528
Catherine Murray
Director, Community Partnerships
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-571-3334
Caitlin O'Brien
Development Coordinator
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-405-5079
Sharon O'Malley
Administrative Coordinator, Gift Planning
Gift Planning 215-895-2114
Will Opperman
Associate Director, Development CoAS
Major Gifts 215-895-5829
Andrea Pesce
Executive Director of Development
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2206
Darin Pfeifer
Executive Director, Protocol and Special Events
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-895-2138
Sarah Pierson
Administrative Assistant, Office of Protocol
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-571-4281
Marie Polk
Associate Director, Alumni Relations/Annual Giving Kline School of Law
Major Gifts 215 571 3549
Priya Ratneshwar
Editorial Director
Communications & Marketing 215-895-1063
Andrea Rowe
Individual Giving Manager
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1122
Jessica Schane Baker
Director, Gift Accounting/Records Management
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-571-4031
Matthew Schwab
Director, Leadership Annual Giving
Leadership Annual Giving 215-895-1712
Lisa Shapiro
Associate Director, Data Integrity
Gift Accounting/Records Management (215) 571-3566
Asia Sharp
Financial Operations Associate
Finance & Administration 215-895-2746
Debra Shaw
Prospect Information Coordinator
Prospect Development 215-571-3533
Gregory Smith
Assistant Vice President, IAIS, GA-RM
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-895-1327
Aubree Snader
Director, Office of Protocol
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-895-2389
James Sumner
Records Specialist
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-571-3844
Elisa Sutton
Oracle Report Writer
Information Services 215-895-1524
William Swoope
Events Director, Office of Protocol
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-895-0333
Nurul Syaheera Rumlan
Co-Op, Communications and Marketing
Communications & Marketing
David Toll
Sr. Associate Vice President
Gift Planning 215-895-4982
Kayla Tygh
Operations Manager
Alumni Relations 215-895-2375
Wendy Univer
Development Writer and Content Strategist
Communications & Marketing 215-895-0411
David L. Unruh
Senior Vice President
Senior VP 215-895-2436
Lauren Villanueva
Executive Director, Alumni Career Services
Alumni Relations 215-571-3644
Pat Warner
Director of Foundation Relations
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1045
Anika K. Warren
Sr. Associate Vice President
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-895-6855
Gerry Young
Department Administrator, CoM&HA
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2230
Michelle Yurko
Associate Vice President, CoE
Major Gifts 215-571-4477