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Jury Duty

Policy Number: HR-35
Effective Date: July 2002
Revisions: July 2000
Responsible Officer: Senior Vice President of Student Life & Administrative Services


This policy was established to define the University's position with respect to employees who are called to serve on jury duty or who are subpoenaed to appear in court.


The University supports employees who fulfill their duty as citizens to their communities by serving as jurors. If they are summoned for jury duty or are subpoenaed to appear in court, they will be excused from work for the period of time served. Service includes required reporting for jury duty when summoned, whether or not they are selected.


This policy applies to all University non-faculty employees not affiliated with collective bargaining units.


Jury Duty is defined as time spent when required to appear in court to serve as a juror.


  1. The employee must notify her/his supervisor for each day he/she serves on the jury. The jury duty summons or court subpoena must be presented to document the necessity of the absence. If the employee is able to work prior to reporting for jury duty or if s/he can return to work after being excused from jury duty, he/she is expected to do so.
  2. If an employee is subpoenaed for other than jury duty or to testify on behalf of the University, he/she will not receive regular pay for time lost, and it will not affect her/his attendance record.
  3. Employees will be paid their regular salary for the days they serve on jury duty and are required to remit the check issued them by the court.
  4. An employee on an unpaid leave of absence is not eligible for jury duty compensation.
  5. Absences due to appearances in court outside the immediate geographical region that require an absence of several full days will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the Human Resources Department.
  6. If the employee's services are deemed to be essential to University operations at the time of the proposed jury duty, such that serving on a jury would constitute a hardship to the University, the employee may ask her/his manager/supervisor to request exemption from jury duty. Under these circumstances, the employee's manager/supervisor will prepare a written request to excuse the employee from jury duty.
  7. Absences due to jury duty will not be included when considering an employee's attendance record. These absences should be documented, but should not be considered as an occurrence when determining absenteeism/lateness for action as outlined in the Performance Improvement Plan.
  8. University employees who are covered by collective bargaining agreements should refer to the appropriate contract article.

Inquiries regarding this policy can be directed to the Human Resources Department.