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Hiring Tools & Resources

Key Hiring Terms/Acronyms


Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires an employer to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities who are employees or applicants for employment, unless to do so would cause undue hardship. "In general, an accommodation is any change in the work environment or in the way things are customarily done that enables an individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities."

Adjunct Employee hired to teach courses on a per term basis.  They can teach up to 11 credits per term per the Provost's Office and are not eligible for benefits. Adjunct Faculty Hiring Workflow.
At-Will Employment A doctrine of American law that defines an employment relationship in which either party can break the relationship with no liability, provided there was no express contract for a definite term governing the employment relationship and that the employer does not belong to a collective bargain (i.e. has not recognized a union).  Pennsylvania is an at-will employment state.
Authorization to Hire This form [PDF] should be used for the sole purpose of hiring or paying non-benefits eligible positions.  For example, Casual, Full-Time Temporary, Part-Time Temporary, Per-Diem, and Secondary Stipend employees.
Casual Employee Employee who works a maximum of 19 hours per week and is scheduled to work on a regular basis.  Casual employees are not eligible for benefits. Temporary/Casual Employee Hiring Workflow.
DE-4 This form [PDF] is the California withholding allowance certificate required for all Drexel employees working in the state of California.
Direct Deposit Direct deposit is the safe, convenient way for you to have your pay deposited into your bank account on pay day.  To sign up for direct deposit, you must complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form [PDF].  All direct deposit authorizations are subject to verification, which usually takes two pay periods after Payroll has process your authorization form.  After signing up for the direct deposit, employees should always verify the available balance in their bank accounts before making any payments from such accounts.  Pay information can be viewed in their DrexelOne account.
DOE Date of employment
DOH Date of hire
DOB Date of birth
DrexelOne The DrexelOne portal offers a single log-in location for many services, including: current and past job information, leave reporting, time reporting, performance management, pay information, benefits elections, tax information, etc.
DUCOM Drexel University College of Medicine
FCRA The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a Federal law that regulates how consumer reporting agencies use personal information.  Enacted in 1970, substantially amended in the late 1990s and again in 2003, the FCRA, among other things, restricts who has access to your sensitive credit information and how that information can be used.
FLSA The Fair Labor Standards Act determines a position's exemption status and eligibility for overtime.
Employee Ambassador The Office of Equality and Diversity oversees the Employee Ambassador Program and coordinates employee volunteers who welcome employees to the Drexel community, provide resources to them, and facilitate connections between them and existing employees.
Employment Verification

Employment and income verifications for faculty and professional staff members provided by InVerify.  InVerify provides secure, fast, accurate and up-to-date access to employment and income information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once the verifier has this information, they can quickly contact InVerify at 1-866-295-7363 or to expedite your verification process.

EPAF Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs) are available through DrexelOne and can be used to process the hiring of the following types of employees: Adjunct Faculty, Bi-Weekly Student Employees, Monthly Graduate Student Employees, and Work Study Employees.
Exempt Employees excluded from the overtime pay requirements based on the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Exempt employees are salaried and paid monthly.
Faculty Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty are teaching over 11 credit hours and are benefits eligible.
Full-Time Work a minimum of 40 hours per week.
Guest User Search Committee Members can be granted "Guest User" access to review applicants to your position in DrexelJobs.  For more information on how to activate Guest User access, please see slide 24 in the DrexelJobs Training Resources presentation [PPTX].
Guidelines for Occupational Health Services New Hire Forms used to determine if employees are required to obtain health screening services based on their position and work location.  This screening must be done within ten days of the date of hire. Occupational Health and Safety.
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  HIPAA Security regulations require Drexel to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all electronic protected health information, also known as "e-PHI."
HireRight This is Drexel's Background Checks vendor.  If you are contacted by HireRight to verify information, please contact your Talent Acquisition Consultant.
Honorarium One-time payment made to an individual, who is not an employee, for a special and non-recurring activity or event for which a fee is not legally or traditionally required.  The intent is to show appreciation for participation.  Teaching is not considered in this category.  For further details, please contact the Drexel Tax Office.
Hours per Pay

Generally, the below is used:

173.33 for full-time, exempt, monthly paid

86.67 for part-time, exempt, monthly paid

80.0 for full-time, non-exempt, bi-weekly paid

40.0 for part-time, non-exempt, bi-weekly paid

40.0 for full-time, weekly paid, collective bargaining unit employees

HRIS Human Resources Information Systems
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form required by the Federal government. Form I-9 Resources.
Independent Contractor An individual or entity who is not a University employee and who provides specified goods or services in a self-determined manner. Independent Contractor Information. For further details please contact the Drexel Tax Office.
ISSS International Students and Scholars Services department
MVR Before the University shall grant the privilege to drive a University Vehicle, the University must determine that the individual is eligible and has met the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Operator Policy for University Vehicles, including having an Acceptable Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).
NJW-4 Generally, Drexel University will not withhold New Jersey income tax from your paychecks, since the credit for income taxes paid for Philadelphia city wage tax will offset any New Jersey tax liability on your earnings from Drexel.  However, if you have income from other sources in New Jersey, you may still have a tax liability.  If you still wish to have New Jersey income tax withheld from your pay, you must complete a NJ-W4 form [PDF].
Non-Employee Associate A non-employee status is used to give account access to Affiliate Faculty and Staff, Temporary employees from a temporary agency, Independent Contractors and Volunteer Faculty and Staff members.  Non-employee associates are not entitled to compensation or benefits of any kind. Non Employee Associate Form.
Non-Exempt Employees entitled to overtime payments based on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA).  Non-exempt employees have an hourly rate of pay and are paid bi-weekly.
Non-Resident Alien Non-citizen living under a non-resident visa.
OED Office of Equality and Diversity
OGC Office of the General Counsel
PAF Personnel Action Forms (PAFs) are accessible through Web*Salary and allow you to implement changes on employee job records.
Part-Time Work between 20 and 39 hours per week.
Per Diem Employee Employee who is scheduled on an "as needed" basis and does not work a fixed schedule.  Per Diem employees are not eligible for benefits.
Permanent Resident A person who has been officially granted immigration benefits, which include permission to reside and take employment in the USA  The holder must maintain permanent resident status, and can be removed from the United States if certain conditions of this status are not met.
PHEC Philadelphia Health and Education Corporation (PHEC) d/b/a Drexel University College of Medicine is a separate not-for-profit subsidiary of Drexel University.  Drexel University is not involved in patient care.
PCLASS Position Class is a code assigned to the position by Compensation Department for tracking purposes.
Position Number A unique number used to associate an employee to a specific position.  Employees cannot be paid without this number.  Position numbers are used by Human Resources for reporting and tracking purposes.
Professional Staff All non-faculty and non-student staff members are considered Professional Staff.
Recruiting Salary Available for public view in DrexelJobs; recommended wording from HR is "commensurate with experience."
Request to Hire Electronic approval form within DrexelJobs requisition that is used to outline a candidate's offer of employment.  Details such as salary, hiring manager and candidate information are entered by the department and passed through the system for approval by all appropriate parties.  Once it reaches Employment/TA, an offer is generated and emailed using the information found in the Request to Hire.
Requisition Electronic job posting approval form in DrexelJobs.  All benefits-eligible positions must be posted on DrexelJobs.
Resident Alien A person born outside the United States who has legally established temporary or permanent residence in the United States, but has not become a United States citizen.
Salary Grade University-wide salary band that is approved by HR Compensation and applied to all positions with similar levels of responsibility and required qualifications.  Salary grades promote pay equality and consistency across the University.
Sanction Check Background screening that determines if an applicant has ever been excluded, suspended, debarred or otherwise deemed ineligible to participate in Federal and/or State health care programs, and has ever been convicted of a criminal offense related to the provision of health care items or services and has ever been reinstated in the health care programs after a period of exclusion, suspension, debarment, or ineligibility.
Sterling Backcheck This is Drexel's Background Checks vendor.  If you are contacted by Sterling to verify information, please contact your Talent Acquisition Consultant.
SSN Social Security Number
Stipend Paid to a full-time employee for additional duties assigned.  These duties are above and beyond their current role.  Stipends do not have set working hours and are paid once per month based on services performed.
Student Employee Full-time student that cannot work more than 20 hours per week.  All DU student positions are hired using an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)[PDF]. Student Employee Hiring Guide.
Supplemental Posting Information Section of a DrexelJobs requisition that contains any extra information that is important for candidates.  Information such as an MVR background check requirement, special application instructions, and non-traditional work schedule information can typically be found in this section.
1099 An Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax form used for taxpayers (i.e. independent contractors, consultants, investors) to report income, whether from work or from investments that is not salaried income.  Typically non-employees are required to submit this for tax purposes at the end of each year.  For more information, visit the Tax Office.
Temporary Employee Full or part time employees that can work for a maximum of 6 months and work at least 20 hours per week.  Co-op employees are considered full time Temp employees with a 6 month maximum.
Vacation Accrual

Non-exempt Professional Staff Members

  • Less than 5 years of service completed: 15 days accrual per year (4.62 hours per bi-weekly pay period)
  • Over 5 years of service completed : 20 days accrual per year (6.15 hours per bi-weekly pay period)

Exempt Professional Staff Members

  • At hire: 20 days accrual per year (13.34 hours per monthly pay period)

Please review the Vacation Leave Policy (HR-31).

VISA Authorization appended to a passport, permitting entry into and travel within a particular country or region.
W-2 Federal tax form issued by employers each year in January to employees stating how much the employee had been paid in the previous year. For more information, please visit the Office of the Comptroller.
W-4 Form ensures that University will withhold the correct federal income tax from employee's pay.  This form is required by the Federal Government. For more information, please visit the Office of the Comptroller.
W-11 Form used to confirm that an employee is a qualified employee under the HIRE Act. For more information, please visit the Office of the Comptroller.
Work Study The Federal College Work-Study program at Drexel is designed to help college students who have demonstrated financial need defray costs during the school year.  Qualifying students work part-time to earn money for education-related expenses, such as books, transportation, and personal expenses.  Federal College Work-Study earnings are paid on a bi-weekly basis.  Earnings come from the student's financial aid package.  The pool of available funds is renewed at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1).  Work study funds are awarded by Drexel's Financial Aid Department.  Detailed information on hiring work study students can be found on the Financial Aid department's Work Study page.

Telephone Pre-Screen Forms

Interview Do's and Don'ts

Interview Do's

  • DO evaluate internal and external candidates consistently on the same criteria.
  • DO ensure that you conduct an interview prior to making an employment decision, especially if you are considering an internal candidate.  Whether you worked with a candidate closely or you are simply familiar with their work, don't skip over the internal interview.  Knowledge of an applicant doesn't necessarily mean they will perform well in your position.
  • DO call your Talent Acquisition Consultant for further interview preparation and questions templates.
  • DO provide directions to campus, name and titles of interviewers and the estimated time to allow for the interview.  Be respectful of the interviewee's time. 
  • DO contact the Office of Disability Services if a candidate requests accommodations.
  • DO prepare yourself for the interview in advance by reviewing the resume, job description, application and developing your questions.
  • DO start the interview by setting the agenda.
  • DO tailor your questions to the job description.
  • DO take notes, but never on the applicant's resume.
  • DO allow silence so the applicant can gather his/her thoughts.
  • DO apply the 70/30 rule.  In the best interviews, the interviewer typically talks about 30% of the time, allowing the applicant to do most of the talking.
  • DO sell Drexel as an employer of choice.  Share your positive experiences about your employer.
  • DO ask situational/behavior questions.
  • DO allow the applicant time to ask questions.
  • DO ask about the candidate's plans for the role (this provides you with information on motivation and how long it will take them to get up and running).
  • DO ensure you ask the same questions of every interviewee.  Consistency is important.
  • DO role play (provide a simulation of the work experience) when possible.
  • DO be honest about salary.  If you don't have the budget a candidate is looking for, tell them up front.  Do not insinuate that you can convince your budget administrator and HR Compensation to increase the budget because of their superior skills.  Pay equity is important across the University.  The candidate should be comfortable with the range discussed, and should not be surprised when they receive their offer of employment.
  • DO ensure you provide equal and consistent interviews for all most qualified candidates.  Ensure you conduct all interviews scheduled.
  • DO update applicants either via the DrexelJobs email communication system (by changing the applicant's status) or by personally notifying the interviewee of their status (whether they are moving forward or not in the process).  The most common complaint from applicants is that employers don't follow up or notify them of their status.  See your Talent Acquisition Consultant for templates.
  • DO ask about gaps in employment.


Interview DON'Ts

  • DON'T discuss any of the following topics:
    • Age
    • Citizenship
    • Prior claims/charges/lawsuits against employers
    • Disabilities/handicaps/medical conditions
    • Military status/veteran's status
    • National original/ancestry
    • Race/color
    • Religion
    • Sex/Pregnancy
    • Sexual Orientation/Preference
    • Marriage
    • Parental Status
    • Residence
    • Transportation
  • DON'T assume you know everything there is to know about the candidate.
  • DON'T ask questions you already know the answer to.
  • Unexpected danger zones:
    • "When did you graduate?" or "Did you go to school with John Doe?"
      • Although not directly asking years of age, the information could be used to determine age, which is not job-related.
    • "Where do you normally hang out on weekends?"
      • Their response could provide a level of personal information that an interviewer does not require to make hiring decisions.
    • "Oh yes, I saw that on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn."
      • This comment implies that you are using personal information, found on a personal site, to determine the candidate's qualifications.
      • Don't search Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn or any other social media to find additional information or communicate with an interviewee.
    • Conducting internal interviews out of courtesy.
      • If you aren't serious about the candidate, do not move forward with an interview.  Too often internal interviews are scheduled due to protocol, and the time of the candidate and the interviewer is wasted.  Prior experience and job performance are the most important criterion in determining whether or not to interview someone, not courtesy.  Keep in mind that internal candidates are likely to be around after the search, so it is especially important to treat them with respect, which includes being honest about their suitability for a job.