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Faculty Hiring Workflow & How to Hire


Faculty Workflow [PDF]

How to Hire

Faculty workload is determined by the Provost's Faculty Workload Policy.  Faculty members are benefits eligible.  Faculty positions need to be posted in DrexelJobs.

To gain access to DrexelJobs, please complete the DrexelJobs Authorization Request [PDF], and submit to your HR Talent Acquisition Consultant.  For assistance with DrexelJobs, please consult the DrexelJobs Training Resources.


DrexelJobs Status 

Actions and Tips 

Department Originator Req Review

Department Originator creates and submits requisition for approval on DrexelJobs or DrexelMedJobs.

Tip Use disqualifying questions to ensure your applicant pool meets your desired qualifications. Two disqualifying questions are required for each requisition.

Tip Create a guest user account in DrexelJobs to allow the Search Committee to review applicants' information.

Tip If you are looking for letters of recommendation confidentially, it's recommended to add a contact email address to the supplemental posting information in DrexelJobs.  It is suggested to only request letters of recommendation from your most qualified candidates.  Phone recommendations are also encouraged.

Dean/Director Req Review

Dean/Director reviews requisition content, budgeted salary, and labor distribution and sends to Compensation for approval.  The Dean's Proxy (typically a budget administrator) will often approve at this level.

Compensation Req Review

Compensation reviews for tracking and sends to VP/Provost for approval, or communicates within 1 business day if they have questions.

VP/Pres/Provost Req Review

VP/Pres/Provost reviews requisition content, approves, and submits to the Office of Research or HRIS Req Review.  The Provost or designee will approve at this level.

Office of Research Req Review If research funded, the Office of Research confirms that the grant funding is available and then approves.
HRIS Req Review

HRIS checks the funding information, confirming that the department has budgeted the requisite funds, then approves and submits to Employment Req Review, or communicates within 2 business days if they have questions.

Tip For assistance with Budget Administration, please consult the Budget Administration Resources.

Employment Req Review

Employment/Talent Acquisition reviews the requisition in its entirety, approves, posts on DrexelJobs within 1 business day, and recommends advertising to ensure a diverse applicant pool.

Tip Utilize your Talent Acquisition Consultant for advertising, as low rates have been negotiated with providers. For associations that you or your Search Committee members use, Talent Acquisition can develop the advertisement for you to post and ensure consistency.  All external postings are required to include DrexelJobs application instructions and the Drexel University EEO Statement:

Drexel University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and believes that an inclusive and respectful environment enriches the University community and the educational and employment experience of its members. The University prohibits discrimination against individuals on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, status as a veteran or special disabled veteran, gender identity or expression, genetic information, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions and any other prohibited characteristic.  Please visit our website to view all University Policies and Workplace Postings.


The position must be posted for a minimum of 120 days before a finalist can be selected.  For guidelines on conducting an active search that will yield the best candidates for faculty roles, please review the Handbook for Faculty Recruitment [PDF].

Tip Should a candidate request accommodations, please contact the Office of Disability Services.

Review and sort application materials.  Update applicant status accordingly in DrexelJobs.

Conduct face-to-face interviews and update applicant status in DrexelJobs.

Tip Be sure to avoid inappropriate interview topics.  Refresh your memory by using "Interview Do's and Don'ts."

Tip Please review the Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy [PDF].

Work with the Provost's Office if necessary to make the final selection.

Department Originator Review Finalist

Department Originator submits request to hire to Dean/Director Review Finalist.  Department works with the Provost's Office on the official faculty contract and completion and approval of the Faculty Data Entry Sheet.  Once the request to hire has been submitted, the requisition is no longer visible to applicants in DrexelJobs and applicants will no longer be able to apply.

Tip Start dates for faculty must be the 1st of the month.  For 9/12 faculty, the start date must be September 1, December 1, or March 1.

Department Dean/Director Review Finalist

Department Dean/Director reviews finalist, approves and sends to Compensation Review Finalist.

Compensation Review Finalist

Compensation reviews finalist for tracking and sends to VP/Pres/Provost Review Finalist, or communicates within 1 day if they have questions.

VP/Pres/Provost Review Finalist

VP/Pres/Provost reviews finalist, approves and sends to HRIS Review Finalist.  For all academic units, this is the Provost or designee.  For all others, this is the SVP or designee.

Office of Research Review Finalist

If research funded, the Office of Research confirms that the grant funding is available and then approves.

HRIS Review Finalist

HRIS reviews the salary and funding information to confirm that the department has the funds available to pay the salary, then approves and sends to Employment/TA Review Finalist, or communicates any issues within 2 business days to the department.

Employment Review Finalist

Department can send offer letter and request for new hire paperwork.  TA receives signed offer letter, completed Faculty Data Entry Sheet and new hire paperwork from department.

If the finalist is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, they are considered a foreign national and must be directed to the Office of International Students and Scholars Services (ISSS) to begin the foreign national faculty hiring process.  ISSS can be reached by phone at 215.895.2502 and/or via email at

Once an offer is made, the required documents must be submitted to ISSS.  Any foreign national that requires an H-1B or J-1 visa to work should fill out the required documents and submit them to ISSS.  ISSS requires 2-3 months processing time for documents.

All foreign nationals are required to complete the International Student/Employee Notification Sheet and return it to the Tax Office or the relevant Talent Acquisition Consultant in Human Resources.  Once the form has been received by the Tax Office, the faculty member will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the Glacier Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance System requirements.  For more information, please contact Carla Salsberg in the Tax Office at Once the faculty member has been entered into the Glacier system, the Tax Office will provide HR with a GOAINTL form, which indicates that the faculty member is authorized to work. 

To be entered into the Payroll system, all faculty members must have a social security number.  Foreign nationals must provide HR with a receipt of their social security number application prior to their first day of employment.  Keep in mind that the Social Security Administration (SSA) suggests that foreign nationals be present in the U.S. for at least ten consecutive days before applying for a social security number.  The typical wait time for receiving a social security card is 4 weeks from the date the application is submitted to SSA.  Once the card is received the faculty member must bring the original card to HR and the Tax Office.  Please contact your Talent Acquisition Consultant with any questions.

Pre-Employment Screening

Background checks are required as a condition of employment. Drexel University utilizes Sterling Backcheck (a leading consumer reporting agency), to supply employment screenings and ensure the wellbeing of the University’s community. 

Completion of Form I-9

Drexel is required to complete a Form I-9 to document verification of the identity and employment authorization of all new employees.  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requires each employee to complete Section 1 of Form I-9 by their first day of employment, but not before accepting a job offer.  Section 2 of Form I-9 must be completed by Drexel within three business days of the employee’s first day of employment.  To complete Section 2 specific documents that verify identity and employment authorization must be presented by the employee (Form I-9 and Instructions).  The documents must be the original and must be reviewed in-person in Human Resources.  Authorized representatives (e.g., Notary Public) may also complete Section 2 on behalf of Drexel for employees working in remote locations away from Drexel’s campuses.  For more information about completing Form I-9, please contact Monée Pressley in HR at or the relevant Talent Acquisition Consultant.

Reverification of Employment Authorization Using Form I-9

A reverification of employment authorization is required prior to the expiration date of the current authorization.  The Tax Office will send an email to the employee, with specific instructions, prior to the expiration of their current employment authorization.  Human Resources will send an email notification to the employee with the subject “Employment Authorization/Updating Form I-9.”  The email includes specific instructions for the employee to follow within two weeks from the date of the email.  For more information regarding the reverification process, please contact Eva Wilson in HR at

 Keep in contact with your finalist and make sure a completed Drexel Faculty New Hire Packet is submitted to your Talent Acquisition Consultant prior to the new faculty member's start date.  This will ensure that a University ID and a user ID are created for the new faculty members before the start of the semester.  If all approvals and paperwork have been received, new faculty members can have access to their accounts up to 60 days prior to their start date.

Either prior to, or within the first 3 days of, employment at Drexel University, employees must present acceptable documentation of their identity, as well as proof of US citizenship or alien status with authorization to work in the United States.  Their employment will be contingent upon them meeting this requirement.  Please see the list of acceptable I-9 documents.

Tip I-9 must be verified in person. 

Finalist Offer Sent

Once new hire paperwork is received, using DrexelJobs, notify applicants who were not chosen by updating their status.

Tip It may be a good idea to personally inform second and third choice candidates that they have not been selected.  They may be first in line the next time your department has an opening and you want them to retain their interest in Drexel.  Use DrexelJobs for a fast, easy way to alert candidates.  Alerting all candidates is a good practice that lets candidates know that Drexel appreciates those who take the time to apply to our institution.

Tip If your new hire will be relocating, refer them to the HR website for relocation and area attraction information.


Employment/Talent Acquisition will mark the position as filled in DrexelJobs and the requisition will move to your historical log once all applicants have been notified by changing their status in DrexelJobs.  For those new faculty members who do not start on September 1, Talent Acquisition will schedule them to attend the benefits portion of the staff orientation and answer any questions they might have.  For those who start on September 1, they will receive benefits information at the Provost's annual new faculty orientation that all new faculty members are invited to attend.  This session is typically held during the first two weeks of September.

Tip Compensation indicated in faculty contracts is based on an academic year and pro-rated for those who do not start on September 1.

Within 2 business days of Banner entry by HRIS, the employee is active and can now see job information in the Employees tab in DrexelOne.

Begin preparing for your new faculty member by getting desk supplies, setting up computer, phone, etc.

Tip Use the DU Manager's Checklist for New Employees to make sure that your faculty member has a productive first few days on the job.

Tip User ID and University ID are available 60 days prior to start date once all paperwork has been received and entered into Banner.

Tip If you have a new faculty member that is relocating with a spouse, there is professional networking assistance available for the spouse through the Provost Office and HR.  

For payroll information, please visit the Payroll Schedule on the Comptroller's website.


If you have any questions regarding the hiring process, please contact your department's HR Talent Acquisition Consultant.