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Supervisory Certificate Program

The Supervisory Certificate Program (SCP) is intended to help supervisors gain the knowledge, information and tools to become more effective members of Drexel’s management team. Now in its fourth year, the SCP gives participants an opportunity to develop their professional skill sets, enhance self-confidence, and strengthen a culture of excellence at Drexel. The SCP is offered by the Human Resources Learning and Development team as part of a comprehensive approach to building leadership capacity throughout Drexel.


Drexel supervisors with less than five years management experience or employees who aspire to a management role are welcome to participate in the SCP upon recommendation of their manager.

Enrollment Process

  1. Applicant requests letter of recommendation from immediate manager or supervisor.
  2. Manager sends letter of recommendation to
  3. Upon notification of acceptance into the SCP, participants will receive instructions to register for the next available Fundamentals of Supervision workshop.

Program Requirements

The SCP curriculum consists of five core components and a variety of electives. To successfully complete the SCP, participants must complete all five core components and at least two of the electives offered.

The program is self-paced, so participants can complete the requirements based on their own schedules. The SCP takes approximately 24 in-class hours to complete, with a short amount of additional time for pre-work (reading an article, completing an assessment, etc.). Program components include:


Core Courses In-Class Time Elective Courses In-Class Time
Fundamentals of Supervision 6 hours Building High Performing Teams: The Essentials
3 hours
Interpersonal Skills: Working in Multicultural Teams
3 hours Coaching for Excellence 3 hours
Managing Within the Law
3 hours Delegation 3 hours
Proactive Performance Management
3 hours Guiding Change and Transition 3 hours
Understanding Your Style with the MBTI
3 hours Guiding Students at Work 3 hours

Inspire a Shared Vision 3 hours

Leading with Emotional Intelligence 3 hours

Legal Interviewing 3 hours

Managing Performance Issues
3 hours

Productive Conflict I
3 hours
Productive Conflict II
3 hours

The first course, Fundamentals of Supervision, is a prerequisite for all other courses in the series. This is a full day session that will give an overview of the certificate program, cover the three imperatives of management, and explore outstanding supervisory experiences. Pre-work consisting of reading a brief article from the Harvard Business Review and completing a self-assessment is required for this session.

Course descriptions on other SCP components can be found below.

New and Current SCP Participants

New and current SCP participants can register for core and elective courses through Career Pathway. Career Pathway can be accessed by logging into DrexelOne, selecting the Employees tab, and selecting Career Pathway under the Development and Certifications header.

Here’s What SCP Participants are Saying About the Program

“The Supervisory Certificate Program has provided me with the tools necessary to develop as both a leader and a manager. I appreciated learning more about the resources that are available to me as a manager at Drexel. The contacts that I have made in the Human Resources, the Equality and Diversity Office and Office of General Counsel will be invaluable to me in the future. The program itself demonstrates Drexel’s commitment to developing strong managers and leaders for the future.”

““SCP made a contribution to my journey to success. It provided me with an opportunity to develop my professional skills, enhance self-confidence and offered me with the opportunity to network with other professional staff.”

“It takes a diverse set of skills to supervise in today’s ever changing working environment. The Drexel SCP gives one an opportunity to obtain a richer, deeper understanding of supervisory and management skills. Participants learn how to lead with confidence, positively affect morale, and guide staff to achieve mission goals.”

Core Components (Must complete all five)

Fundamentals of Supervision

This workshop is intended for participants enrolled in the Supervisory Certificate Program.  Fundamentals of Supervision, the prerequisite session for the Supervisory Certificate Program series, introduces participants to the three imperatives of management and provides an overview of the entire certificate program.  Required pre-work includes an article from Harvard Business Review , “Are You a Good Boss – or A Great One?”, and the completion of a self-assessment.

Understanding Your Style with the MBTI

This workshop is intended for participants enrolled in the Supervisory Certificate Program.  “Understanding Your Style”  will foster better understanding of the ways in which your unique personality type interacts with others and how it influences your role as a supervisor.  Activities will be geared toward using your preferences to enhance communication skills and build stronger working partnerships with your direct reports and colleagues.  Attendance of this class requires the completion of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment (MBTI). 

Increasing Cultural Competence (Formerly known as Interpersonal Skills: Working in Multicultural Groups)

This workshop is intended for participants enrolled in the Supervisory Certificate Program. This workshop is designed to help participants recognize how cultural similarities and differences affect our ability to communicate with each other and work together effectively.  Participants will practice working with others from similar or different cultures to accomplish a task.

Managing Within the Law (Formerly known as The Business of Managing:  Managing Within the Law)

This workshop focuses on what every manager needs to know about creating a safe and productive work environment from a legal perspective and includes an overview of important Drexel University policies.  The program includes presentations and a Q&A with a panel of Drexel experts on employment law, FMLA, protected classes, ADA, harassment, discrimination, leaves of absence, accommodations, EEOC, disabilities, and other legal or policy issues. 

Proactive Performance Management (PPM)

This workshop is intended for participants enrolled in the Supervisory Certificate Program. This workshop is intended to help supervisors access the resources available to them, and to encourage the effective use of individual team members’ skill sets. This course will be the “capstone” of the SCP Program and it provides information on the relationship between proactive performance management, the employee life cycle, and the University’s strategic objectives.

Elective Courses (Must complete two)

Building High Performing Teams: The Essentials

This workshop is intended to introduce managers to the critical success factors for building high-performing teams, including competencies and processes essential to achieving group goals.

Coaching for Excellence

“The test of a good coaching session is that the person you’re coaching leaves it both more able and more confident” (Being the Boss, p. 203). This program will help supervisors enhance their coaching skills so they leave the session both more able and more confident.


This workshop is intended for participants enrolled in the Supervisory Certificate Program.  Have you ever caught yourself saying one of the following when considering delegating a task:  “It will be faster if I do it myself… I’m not sure this will get done correctly if I don’t do it myself… I really like doing this, so I’ll do it myself?”  If so, this workshop is for you. SCP participants will learn more about why, what, when and to whom to delegate.

Guiding Change and Transition

This workshop is intended for participants enrolled in the Supervisory Certificate Program. The ability to manage constant change is essential for all of us. Supervisors have the added challenge of helping their employees navigate change in the workplace. Guiding Change & Transition will help supervisors understand their own reactions to change and transition and learn how to guide their employees through the changes and transitions they share.

Guiding Students at Work

Work study and co-op are parts of the academic experience for many Drexel students.  Balancing work and school can be difficult.  For students, this can be a daunting task and can have a direct impact on their overall student experience.  This workshop is geared toward’s helping supervisors better understand the student worker and what they can do to help make the student work experience a positive and productive one for everyone involved

Inspire a Shared Vision

This workshop is intended for participants enrolled in the Supervisory Certificate Program.  This program is designed to help managers discover their own leadership values and begin to develop a vision for their work that connects to the hopes and aspirations of their team members. Participants will learn the elements of an inspiring vision and techniques for using images, language and passion to enlist others in their journey toward a better future.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence can be described as the ability to understand your own emotions and the impact they have on you and those around you, as well as the ability to understand the emotions of others and use that understanding to build relationships. While technical capability and conventional intelligence are critical components of management, without emotional intelligence to support them, these may not be sufficient to ensure success. This workshop will use a blended learning approach to support participants in understanding the fundamental concepts underlying emotional intelligence, assessing their own levels of emotional intelligence, and planning specific actions for developing attributes of emotional intelligence in themselves.

Managing Performance Issues

The purpose of the program is to ensure that Drexel University managers know how to correctly identify and address employee performance issues through the University’s Performance Improvement Process, so that they are able to use their time appropriately and productively to respond to these issues.

Productive Conflict Part I

This workshop is intended for participants enrolled in the Supervisory Certificate Program. The Productive Conflict workshop explores the possibilities of a workplace where the productive power of conflict is harnessed and its destructive power is minimized. Participants will examine their own approaches and reactions to conflict, and learn how to choose appropriate strategies for different conflict situations.

Productive Conflict Part II

This workshop is intended for participants enrolled in the Supervisory Certificate Program. Productive Conflict Part II extends strategies from Productive Conflict Part I to create conflict competent teams that achieve better results. Managers will learn how to recognize common pitfalls and challenges that arise during conflict situations, and use specific techniques to overcome those hurdles.

Legal Interviewing

Have you ever seen news of a lawsuit that is a result of unlawful interviewing or hiring practices? All hiring managers need to know how to avoid these consequences. This session is intended for anyone involved in the interviewing and hiring process. The session focuses on the laws relevant to interviewing, the consequences of illegal interviewing, and ways to keep interviews legal. An overview of the hiring process and tips for each stage of the interview process are also provided.

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