Brian Leung

Brian Leung

Major: B.S. Chemistry with Biology Minor
Expected Graduation: 2011
Hometown: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Drexel Activities:

I am an NCAA D1 Swimmer at Drexel. Freshman year I dedicated my time to swimming and as a Drexel Student Ambassador. I was the Athletic Representative for the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) for about a year and a half. Simultaneously, I was involved with Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and took on a leadership role as their Vice President. I also became a part of Tri-Beta Biological Honors Fraternity, American Chemical Society, and (my favorite) American Medical Student Association (AMSA). As AMSA Drexel Chapter President, I dedicated my time to organizing campus events. Along with these great organizations, I also invested time in Dr. Aleister Saunders’ research lab working with Alzheimer’s disease.

Thoughts on the Honors Program:

If you are looking for benefits, you’ve got it here; if you are looking for culture immersion, you’ve got it here; if you are looking for support, once again, you’ve got it here. The only structured program that gives you access to Philadelphia and a system where upperclassmen mentor underclassmen. As a freshman, my Honors Mentor taught me the tricks and tips to succeed at Drexel. In the Honors Program, you’ll find a strong staff who knows how to help you make connections and go far. You may stumble upon it in other colleges after a few semesters, but here, you will be able to see it during your first term.

For my Honors credits, I have always done the Honors Option. I have to say, it was a great decision. It may seem harder to design your own project for a course than just getting assigned a project, but it actually makes it 100 times better. As a result of my Honors Option projects I was able to critique and present primary literature and even write my own research proposal.

There are several things that make me LOVE the Honors Program. But if I had to narrow down to my favorite thing… it’s the staff! You will never find a closer group of professionals who work so well together. Many departments across campus have this same closeness, but the Honors staff is one out of a million. I remember touring other universities and noticing that their Honors programs lacked the relaxed yet studious atmosphere. Because you are an Honors student, the staff wants you to succeed. They have spent hours with me helping to edit my personal statement as part of a scholarship application, and even helped to find me funding so that I could attend a neuroscience conference in San Diego. But besides the staff, my best and other closest friends are from the Honors Program. I highly recommend that you consider Drexel and especially the Honors Program for these reasons and more.