Carol John

Carol John

Major: B.A. International Area Studies (IAS)
Expected Graduation: 2011
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Drexel Activities:

I belong to Dragons Abroad, the Dragon Buddy Program, Variety of Indian Cultural Expressions, and Drexel Student Alliance - United Nations Association.

Thoughts on the Honors Program:

I’ve benefitted greatly from the free events, Honors courses, and everything that Honors has to offer. The free events and tickets have helped me to develop my taste for culture. I’ve learned that virtually anything put on by the Wilma Theater is memorable and preferable. I also had the chance to experience the culture and food in New Orleans as part of my Honors Travel Writing class.

In addition to the Honors courses, events, and other perks, the Honors staff really helps to make Drexel a great experience. It’s really hard sometimes at a medium to large scale university to find administration that doesn’t view you as just another student. The Honors Program staff are excellent at doing more than just accepting your applications and sending you information; they care and can help you through anything. In my opinion, at the Honors College, the staff has found homeostasis between the personal and the professional.

The Honors Program helps make Drexel a little bit more conquerable because you’re in a smaller community within a bigger community, within the 5th largest city in the United States.