Get Involved

The Honors Program encourages faculty to connect with our Honors students outside of the typical academic setting.  Student and faculty engagement is important to the Honors Program mission as well as Drexel's, and has proven to be beneficial to our growing academic community.

We currently offer four different opportunities for faculty involvement, but are interested in any additional ideas.

 Faculty Programs in Millennium Hall

Currently Offered Programs:

  • Grounds for Discussion - Coffee hour in Millennium Hall whereby a faculty person facilitates a discussion with Honors freshmen on a topic of your choice.

  • Dinner with a Touch of Class - Enjoy a nice lunch or dinner with a small group of Honors students; the faculty person will facilitate a discussion on a topic of your choice.

  • Fireside Chats - Although Millennium Hall lacks a fireplace, these Q & A sessions with students will be facilitated by a panel or small group of faculty people on one current topic of interest.

  • Show & Tell - Share your special skills or talents with a small group of Honors students.  This is your opportunity to teach a hands-on skill outside of your discipline.

Contact Carly Meluney, Honors Program Manager, to learn more about how you can participate in one of these activities, or share your ideas for faculty involvement.