Overview of Benefits

Honors Housing

For the 2011-2012 academic year, Millennium Hall has been designated the living-learning community for first-year students in the Honors Program.

Millennium Hall is the newest student residence on Drexel's campus and offers modified suite-style living. 
As an Honors student in Millennium Hall, you'll have the benefit of participating in a range of Honors social events, meetings, evening and weekend activities, and study groups.

Priority Registration

As a member of the Honors Program you will have the opportunity to register for classes before a majority of the University population.  Priority registration allows you to build your own schedule with your preferred class times, professors, and electives.  You can view your registration time ticket through your Drexel Portal.

Honors Sections

Honors Sections provide enriched versions of some major core courses.  While the general course remains the same, class recitations and labs are taught in smaller groups and on an advanced level that encourages discussion, further exploration, and practical application for Honors students.

Honors Options

Honors students have the opportunity to earn Honors credit through their traditional or major courses at Drexel.  Students simply register for a course, then work with their professor to create an added research, writing, or special project for the class.  This is the most popular way to earn Honors credits because students are able to combine required coursework with Honors credit.

Graduation with Distinction

Graduating students are recognized for their achievements in the Honors Program at the Honors Graduation Ceremony held each June.  Graduation with Distinction, the highest honor awarded by the Pennoni Honors College, recognizes our most accomplished students.  These students are awarded with the Honors College Medallion and are acknowledged during the formal Drexel University Commencement.  This achievement is also noted on each student's official University transcript.

Honors Advising

Each Honors student essentially has two Advisors at Drexel: one in your home college and one in the Honors Program.

Honors Advisors are available to discuss your long-term goals and your plans for graduate school or professional career.  Honors Advisors can assist you with applications, essays, and letters of recommendation as well as offer general academic guidance.

Honors Events

One of the best benefits to Honors students is the availability of free tickets to events in Philadelphia.  Each term, the Honors Program offers tickets to musicals, orchestral performances, dance shows, sporting events, and more. With the help of HSAC (Honors Student Advisory Committee) the Honors Program offers an array of shows and venues to encourage Honors students to explore Philadelphia and take advantage of its many museums, exhibits, Broadway shows, etc.  There's something for every Honors student.  And it's free.


Honors Lounge

The Honors Lounge is a large space on the 5th Floor of MacAlister Hall designated for currently registered Honors Students. With your Dragoncard you can access this space to see comfortable couches, lounge chairs, and conference tables for study groups, meetings, and lunch breaks.  It is also equipped with desktop computers and a printer. It is a convenient place for commuting Honors students and those between classes.

Free Printing

Honors students are each allotted 250 pages of free printing every registered term.  Honors students' Dragoncards are pre-loaded with this printing credit for easy access with the Honors Lounge printer.

Honors Mentor Program

The Honors Mentor Program provides incoming Honors freshmen personal contact with an upper-class Honors student who is knowledgeable about your major, Drexel University, residential living issues, and the City of Philadelphia. The goal of the program is to help with the transition from High School into College, and some mentorships develop into lifelong friendships.

Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC)

HSAC is a student-run association that acts as the voice of the Honors' student body.  HSAC helps to choose the types of activities, benefits, and Honors courses that are offered by the Honors Program.  HSAC also uses student leaders to coordinate and host various events and activities for Honors students throughout the year.

This is a great organization to join if you are interested  in building your leadership skills and getting more involved with the Honors community.