Scott Barclay, PhD

Department Head; Professor


Office: 3025 MacAlister
Phone: 215.895.2464

Curriculum Vitae: Download


  • DPhil, Department of Political Science, Northwestern University, 1993
    Dissertation: “An Appealing Act: Why People Appeal in Civil Cases”
  • LLB (Years 1 and 2 only), Department of Law, University of Queensland, 1987
  • BA Honours: Department of Government, University of Queensland, First Class 1988


Scott Barclay recently joined Drexel’s College of Arts and Sciences as the Head of the Department of History and Politics. He comes to the College after a two year rotation at the National Science Foundation as a Program Director for the Law and Social Science Program. Scott completed his undergraduate degree in Australia and received his PhD from Northwestern University. He has previously held faculty positions at SUNY Albany, UC Santa Cruz, and the University of Washington. His current research project highlights the many ways that law is invoked, utilized, and reconstituted in the dynamic interaction of courts with social movements and state institutions. His primary example of late is the battle over same sex marriage in the 50 states. In his research, Scott considers the complex interplay of political, demographic, cultural, and social movement factors that generate and influence legislative and judicial action around this issue since it first appeared on the national scene in 1971.


  • Scott Barclay, Anna-Maria Marshall, and Mary Bernstein, eds. 2009. Queer Mobilizations: LGBT Activists Confront the Law. New York: NYU Press
  • Scott Barclay. 1999. An Appealing Act: Why People Appeal in Civil Cases. Northwestern University Press