Katherine Travaline, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor

Katherine Travaline, PhD

Office: MacAlister 3021-B
Phone: 215.571.3515

Curriculum Vitae: Download (PDF)


  • BS, Evolutionary Anthropology, Douglass College at Rutgers University, 2000
  • MS, Science, Technology, & Society, Drexel University, 2008
  • PhD, Environmental Policy, Drexel University, 2012


After a number of years studying primate behavior and working as a veterinary technician, I came to Drexel’s Science, Technology, and Society Master’s Program where I was able to satisfy my growing curiosity about the social values implicit in scientific theory and practice. Redirecting my interests toward environmental issues, I completed my doctoral degree in Environmental Policy. My studies were supported with a GAANN Fellowship through the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering and a Drexel Engineering Cities Initiative Graduate Assistantship. I am very excited to join the History and Politics Department and to continue to explore the intersection of policy, politics, and science.

My research and teaching are both rooted in my interest in inclusive practices as a means of addressing injustices and the complexity and uncertainty of the real world. For my research interests, this has translated into examinations of what theories of democracy may have to offer our consideration of environmental issues, with a specific interest in urban environments. Throughout my graduate studies, I have explored the democratic implications of various forms of urban greening. With a goal of translating my interest in inclusion into my research practices, I have employed interpretive methodologies with a particular interest in political ethnography. As part of an interdisciplinary research team, I conducted an interpretive policy analysis, examining what it means for the City of Philadelphia to implement a networked approach to green stormwater infrastructure governance. In my teaching I also try to honor the value of connecting academic learning and research to real life problems. To this end, I aim to bring an action-oriented, interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to the classroom whenever appropriate.


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