Academic Overview


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Our BA program applies the experiential, research-intensive approach of Drexel University to the discipline of history.  Original research is the centerpiece of our curriculum, and students learn to research and write history by using the extensive historical resources of Philadelphia. As a Drexel University department, we also have strengths in the history of science and technology.  What is that subfield of history about? We explain the development and adoption of science and technologies in the rich historical context of culture and politics.

Political Science

We offer a BA program in political science. The study of political science looks at the world we live in today through examination of the political, social, and economic systems that govern society.  Political science is also central to the classical study of liberal arts, with roots in ancient civilization and philosophy.  Introductory courses in political science expose students to the particular approaches and subject matter of the five recognized branches of the discipline. Whether preparing to enter law school, government, the business world, or graduate school, students can shape a curriculum that meets their needs.

Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree

The Accelerated Degree program in Science, Technology & Society permits undergraduate students to begin the graduate program while completing their undergraduate programs, thus allowing students to complete their Master's degrees more quickly. Typically, students can graduate from a five-year program with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Before an undergraduate student may enroll in any graduate course, he or she must have completed 90 credit hours of undergraduate coursework.