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Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell me more about the nutrition counseling session option for faculty and professional staff.

This opportunity is sponsored by A Healthier U and is free for all benefits-eligible faculty and staff. A Drexel University Registered Dietician will work with participants one-on-one to craft individualized nutritional recommendations.

How do I schedule a session?

You may begin scheduling sessions after Jan. 27 by visiting the Member Services Desk in the Drexel Recreation Center or by contacting Morgan Kilroy at 215-571-3824 or mak384@drexel.edu.

What is the cost of this opportunity?

This opportunity is offered for free for all benefits-eligible faculty and professional staff.

What does it mean to be “benefits-eligible”?

Anyone who is eligible to receive benefits through Drexel University is considered benefits-eligible. You do not have to receive health insurance through Drexel University in order to participate, as long as you are eligible to receive benefits.

Who will be conducting these sessions?

These sessions will be conducted by registered dieticians from Drexel University.

Do I need to track exercise in Go Gold to use my Nutrition benefit?

No. While we encourage you to take advantage of the tracking tools, you are not required to use them in order to schedule Nutrition Counseling.