Drexel University and Drexel University College of Medicine

A Healthier U

Wellness Credit/Smoking Cessation

$150 Wellness Credit Option

Drexel Human Resources and A Healthier U have teamed up with Onlife Health to offer a discount of $150 on Drexel medical plan premiums to all faculty and professional staff members who complete a Health Risk Assessment and either attest to being tobacco-free for at least 180 days or participate in a tobacco cessation program. To qualify for this discount in 2012:

  • Complete the onmyway™ Health Assessment online at DrexelOne by selecting the EMPLOYEE tab and clicking the Onlife Health link.
  • Attest to being tobacco-free for at least 180 days OR, if not tobacco-free for at least 180 days, you must enroll and complete a tobacco cessation (coaching) program prior to receiving discount.
  • Reward incentive of $150 premium discount will be credited via Drexel payroll in one lump sum payment.

Who can I call if I have questions?

For questions (log in, registration, etc.), please call and speak to one of Onlife's participant services specialists:

  • Phone number: 877-386-1352
  • Monday – Friday 8am – 11pm ET
  • Saturday 10am – 5pm ET

How do I take the onmyway™ health assessment?

After entering your demographic information, you will be required to answer some basic health information about yourself. Once you have completed the required health questions, a screen will pop up showing that your registration is complete and how you answered each health question.

Is the information I communicate to Onlife Health in the onmyway™ health assessment secure?

The HA information is stored in an encrypted, at rest, database. If there is a breach, the data is unreadable, per HIPAA and HITECH requirements. The connection between the member and Onlife is also in a secured environment, with encrypted data being passed back and forth, between the member and Onlife.

What will the information I communicate to Onlife Health in the onmyway™ health assessment be used for?

The information collected in the onmyway™ health assessment is primarily used to understand a participant's current health status, including healthy habits and overall health risk. This information drives coaching and program recommendations for each individual and offers each participant a report that is unique to them with helpful information on achieving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Only health coaches and dedicated coaching staff have access to this information on a participant level. This information is not shared on an individual basis with the employer. All reporting for the employer is aggregate – meaning that all personal identifiers have been removed in order to protect the privacy of each individual.

What is the basis for the types of questions being asked in the onmyway™ health assessment?

Questions on the health assessment are selected for a variety of reasons.

Some of the reasons questions are selected are to:

  • Support Coaching: To identify topics, goals or readiness for coaching
  • Enable the risk calculations: To help estimate quantified risk
  • Help give informed feedback to the participant: To tailor report and portal content.
  • Provide demographic data about the participant
  • Enable group reporting and assess outcomes

Why would I be contacted by a coach?

Coaching is offered to those employees that are currently using tobacco and are interested in quitting. Onlife Health recognizes the enormous toll that tobacco use takes on overall health. For that reason, all of our coaches are rigorously trained in clinically proven tobacco cessation interventions. The tobacco cessation program is highly personalized and addresses the physical, psychological and socio-cultural factors of tobacco use. Participants will receive dedicated coaching via telephone or secure messaging (email coaching).

Those employees that are not tobacco users are invited to participate in the self-directed tools via the user portal. Participants can actively take part in five self-directed courses on a variety of health related topics including weight management, physical activity, nutrition, stress management and tobacco cessation. The site also serves up a full range of interactive health management tools including a food and exercise diary, a personal health record and many others. There is a wealth of health related content also available to participants on the user portal.

How do I use the Trackers?

Find Trackers listed under Health Resources on the left-hand menu. Click the > next to All Trackers, to see all Trackers available. Trackers recommended specifically for you will be indicated with a *

Choose a Tracker by clicking TRACK. A new window will open to track your healthy habits.