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A Note from the Chairs

The Sustainability Council is excited to share news on the latest green-themed programs and events at the University. A few highlights are our new Education Series beginning next week, the return of Recyclemania (we're in it to win it!) and a redesigned Drexel Green website making it easier for you to find the information you need. As always, let us know what you think. Enjoy!

- Kyle Kephart and Lisa Unruh


01. 2012 Sustainability Education Series
02. The Race(s) to Sustainability
03. Check Out Our New Look
04. How Do I Recycle That?
05. Zipcar Parks on Campus
06. Meeting Urban Sustainability Challenges
07. Drexel Composts
08. Have You Taken the Green Pledge?
09. Keep the Conversation Going on Social Media
10. Contact Us

2012 Sustainability Education Series

Sustainability Education Series

The Sustainability Council proudly presents the inaugural Sustainability Education Series. Register to attend one or all of the following presentations by local experts. The Series is open to everyone in the Drexel community, so be sure spread the word! Space is limited, so register early. If you have any questions, contact sustainability@drexel.edu.


Cooking Sustainably
Sustainability is about protecting the environment as well as caring for the physical and economic health of our selves and our community. Learn how a local chef, Andrew Brown, incorporates sustainable practices into the menu at Opa.

Presented by:
Andrew Brown, Executive Chef, Opa
January 30, 12-1pm
Intercultural Center Multipurpose Room (lower level)
Register for
Cooking Sustainably.


Shopping Sustainably

Fair Food has been uniting local farmers with businesses and consumers for over a decade. They promote the importance of family farms and create a year-round marketplace for fresh, local and humane food products in the Greater Philadelphia region. They provide an assortment of programs and services that contribute to a strong and sustainable local food system. Supporting farmers, connecting consumers, educating the public and celebrating the joys of local food.

Presented by:
Ann Karlen, Executive Director, Fair Food
February 7, 12-1pm
MacAlister Sky View Room
Ann Karlen biography
Register for Shopping Sustainably February 7

Fair Food


Small choices you make every day really make a difference in the world. When you choose to purchase sustainable products, you are actively using your buying power to create new economic opportunities for workers in the local area and the developing world. Learn how the buyers for Whole Foods decide which vendors and products to offer in their store.

Presented by:
Janeen Mirolli, Whole Foods
February 22, 12-1pm
Intercultural Center Multipurpose Room (lower level)
Register for
Shopping Sustainably February 22

Whole Foods

Recycling programs in Philadelphia were established in the mid-1980’s. Learn how it all began, and how it has evolved up to today, from one of the original program planners. Mr. Sampson has a long history in recycling and waste management, and will present a historical perspective on the practical application, and his current political involvement in Philadelphia’s planning for the future.

Presented by:
Maurice Sampson, President and CEO, Niche Recycling, Inc.
January 30, 12-1pm
Intercultural Center Multipurpose Room (lower level)
Maurice Sampson biography
Register for Recycling.

Niche Recycling


For novice to experienced gardeners; increase your gardening know-how, and learn how to incorporate composting into your daily routine. Possible topics include: Preparing the spring garden; food gardening; small space gardening; season extenders; 4-season gardening; organic pest control; soil building.

Presented by:
Sally McCabe, Philadelphia Horticultural Society, HS Garden Tenders & Green City Teachers Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Date/time/location to be announced


Learn about the impact Philly Compost has made on its community. The importance of composting will be discussed, as well as how city residents can incorporate composting into their daily routine.

Presented by:
Lee Meinicke, Philly Compost
April 12, 12-1pm
Intercultural Center Multipurpose Room (lower level)
Lee Meinicke biography
Register for Composting.

Philly Compost

LEED Certification
Learn about the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating Systems, the nationally accepted benchmarks for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

Presenter/date/time/location to be announced

- Lisa Unruh, Assistant Director of Operations, LeBow College of Business Communications

The Race(s) to Sustainability

Two upcoming competitions will give Drexel the chance to measure our progress in sustainable practice versus our peers.

RecycleMania Time Again


Once again Drexel is joining hundreds of institutions nationwide in RecycleMania, the annual college and university recycling contest. The University will report recycling and trash data for 8 weeks beginning on February 5 and see how we rank among our peers in encouraging recycling and reducing trash.

The move to more sustainable practices happens in increments, and RecycleMania is a great time to think about taking that next step. A special event on each campus will highlight our commitment to recycling. Light refreshments will be provided, and volunteers will collect your aluminum, glass and plastic containers, cardboard, cell phones and all forms of paper (including books, magazines, brochures, newspapers and office paper). Electronics will be collected, including computers, TVs, accessories, etc. DocuVault will also be at each event to provide complimentary record destruction services. Here's the schedule:

February 13, 10am - 2pm, Queen Lane Medical Campus
February 27, 10am - 2pm, Center City Hahnemann Campus (in front of Bellet Building)
March 12, 10am - 2pm, University City Main Campus (On Race Street between 33rd and 34th)

To learn more about the competition, visit the RecycleMania website.

Introducing Campus Conservation Nationals


Drexel will also be participating in the Campus Conservation Nationals, a new competition challenging colleges and universities to reduce electricity and water use in residence halls over a three-week period. Between February and April, more than 100 institutions will pick a time to track their efforts. Drexel will gather results between February 13 and March 4.

For more information on Campus Conservation Nationals, visit their website.

If you have any questions regarding Drexel's participation in either of these competitions, contact Kyle Kephart.

- Mark Eggerts, Director of Strategic Communications, University Communications

Check Out Our New Look


Drexel Green's online home has a new look, with the most up-to-date information about Drexel's green initiatives and programs, photo galleries, social media links, and a wealth of resources to keep you on the path to sustainability. Go to drexel.edu/green to check out our redesign. Take the pledge, explore our Green Map, and be sure to "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We'd love to hear your ideas for making both our website and our commitment to sustainability even better.

- Irene Tsikitis, Communications Manager, Student Life and Administrative Services

How Do I Recycle That?

Recycling Guide

Did you know Drexel recycles about 600 tons of waste a year? And it's not just paper, bottles, and cans. In addition to those everyday materials, Drexel recycles cardboard, scrap metal and hazardous-type materials such as fluorescent lamps, motor oil, printer toner cartridges, paint, industrial batteries, computers, electrical equipment and tires. At campus dining locations, cooking oils get recycled for use as biofuel. Even cut grass, leaves and tree limbs are diverted from the waste stream and sent to the composting center at Vidas Athletic Complex, where 20 to 30 tons of compost are made each year.

The success of the University’s recycling program hinges on the active participation of all members of the Drexel community. If you’re not sure if something can be recycled, or how to recycle it, Drexel Green has created a new recycling guide available as a PDF. Download the file and save it, or print and hang it in a common area as a handy reference for your department and friends.

- Irene Tsikitas

Zipcar Parks on Campus

zip car

Car-sharing has come to Drexel thanks to a new partnership with Zipcar that offers discounted membership to students, faculty and professional staff. Eight Zipcar vehicles are now located across several campus lots.

Zipcar is a cost-effective and convenient transportation option available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After paying an annual fee, members can use Zipcar vehicles for a competitive hourly or daily rate that includes gas, insurance, up to 180 miles of driving per day and roadside assistance. Reservations can be made by phone, on the web or via the Zipcar mobile app.

Drexel students, faculty and staff can join at zipcar.com/drexel.

Zipcar, in partnership with Ford Motor Company, also offers the "Students with Drive" grant program providing free Zipcar memberships and driving credits to support student organizations on campus. For more information, visit the "Students with Drive" tab on Zipcar's University Facebook page.

- Mark Eggerts

Meeting Urban Sustainability Challenges

zip car

A group of faculty, professional staff and students from both Drexel and the Academy of Natural Sciences is building an ambitious framework for sustainability research, education and community engagement: the Urban Sustainability Planning Initiative. Organized around the themes of food, water and energy in an urban context, this framework will guide transdisciplinary, collaborative projects that include the public and other stakeholders at each stage.

Launched last November, the Initiative is developing a vision for programming that approaches challenges in the food, water and energy realms and creates solutions prioritizing responsible urban development, environmental justice and biodiversity. The knowledge repository and needs assessment methods created by the effort will form a signature Drexel-flavored "toolkit" for urban infrastructure problem solving that can be applied in any city.

For more information or to get involved in the planning process for this initiative, please contact either Patricia Gallagher at pmg24@drexel.edu or Jennifer Britton at jenbritton@drexel.edu.

- Jennifer Britton, Research Coordinator, Drexel Engineering Cities Initiative

Drexel Composts


Composting is an efficient way to dispose of biodegradable material. Instead of rotting in a landfill, biodegradable plant matter and certain food scraps break down into a soil-benefiting humus that it can be used as a green addition to growing plants. Composting is often more effective than bringing waste to a landfill, and according to the Peninsula Compost Group, composting reduces landfill methane production.

A group of Sustainability Council members learned more about Drexel's composting efforts on a tour of the University's composting facility and the Wilmington Organic Recycling Center led by James Vecchione of Facilities Management (photo on left). Vecchione explained that the organic matter waste produced by campus landscaping is composted in a series of composting bins near the Vidas Athletic Complex, and Drexel has plans to bring more compostable matter to the Wilmington center, which produces affordable compost with a very high nutrient value.

- Adrian Banning, MMS, PA-C, Clinical Instructor, College of Nursing and Health Professions

Have You Taken the Green Pledge?

Members of the Drexel community can demonstrate their commitment to being green and environmentally responsible on campus and at home by signing the University's Environmental Responsibility Pledge. Visit the Go Green! Pledge Form.

Keep the Conversation Going on Social Media


Please take a minute to follow Drexel Green on Facebook and Twitter. It's a great way to stay informed and connected.

Contact Us

Drexel Green and the Sustainability Council continue to grow, and we want to hear from you with ideas or offers of expertise. If you'd like to join the Council let us know.

Kyle Kephart, Director of Quality Services, Student Life and Administrative Services
Lisa Unruh, Assistant Director of Operations, LeBow College of Business Communications

Visit the Drexel Green website for more information on how to get involved.

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