Clinical Trials Research

Clinical Trials Research—Online Program

The Online Clinical Trials Research Program is designed for nurses who wish to be involved in clinical trials and research in a variety of roles and settings.

As a graduate of this program, you will be qualified to assume roles such as research coordinator, clinical scientist, and clinical trials manager or coordinator.

If you have an interest in trials and research, Drexel has an interest in you.

Many potential employers exist outside the hospital environment — in the community or private practices and with the pharmaceutical and other scientific companies that produce, test, and market new products.

The program provides knowledge and skills in several critical areas:

  • Applying Federal Drug Administration rules and regulations.
  • Phases of clinical research investigation.
  • New drug-approval processes.
  • Drug protocol development.
  • Budgeting for clinical trials.
  • Informed consent.
  • Patient and family issues.
  • Business management and marketing for clinical trials.

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