William Hilton

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William Hilton, PhD, 2016

William Hilton
Electrical and Computer Engineering
William Hilton is a PhD student in Drexel's Music Entertainment Technology lab (PI: Dr. Youngmoo Kim). His primary research interests are human-robot interaction and social telepresence. He worked with wheeled robots as an undergrad, but prefers the challenge of working with the bipedal Hubo robot at Drexel.
He received an NSF EAPSI travel award in 2013 to spend the summer at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. There he will be collaborating with HuboLab, where Hubo was created, to design low-cost dexterous robotic hands so that Hubo will be able to play piano. As of today, there are no inexpensive robot hands with the range of movement needed to do dexterous tasks like playing piano or guitar. He hopes the development of such low-cost dexterous hands that easily integrate onto existing robots like Hubo will enable many more researchers around the world to contribute to the field of robotic hand manipulation, which will benefit many fields including prosthetics.