Sylvia Herbert

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Sylvia Herbert, BS/MS, 2014, Honors

Sylvia Herbert
Mechanical Engineering

Sylvia Herbert is a 5th year BS/MS student in Mechanical Engineering. She conducts research in the Drexel Nanophotonics Lab under Professor Adam Fontecchio, where she has worked on sundry projects ranging from alternative energy generators to unique smart fabrics to liquid crystal waveguides.

Sylvia is President of Drexel Pi Tau Sigma (the Mechanical Engineering honors society), which recently received the National Outstanding Performance Award. She is also a former STAR scholar and Teaching Assistant for a 4th year mechanical engineering design course. Outside of school she reads, plays ukulele, and participates in travel abroad opportunities through the Honors College.

As an NSF GRFP fellow Sylvia plans to continue her studies as a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at University of California Berkeley, with the goal of pursuing a career in academia. More information on her current projects can be found at