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Stephen Niezgoda, PhD, 2009

Stephen Niezgoda
Materials Science and Engineering

Stephen is a member of the Mechanics of Microstructures Group (MMG), led by Professor Surya Kalidindi (MSE). The MMG approach considers micro-scale structure in the development of new materials for particular applications. Stephen’s mathematical analysis of microstructure will take much of the guesswork out of material design. Stephen’s practical experience as an aircraft mechanic taught him how to analyze and solve problems and inspired him to learn more. Now, as a PhD student, he is able to address the “why” questions. Stephen has published two papers in peer-reviewed journals, and has more in production. He is involved with several volunteer activities, including tutoring and mentoring undergraduate students, and designing and running a hands-on demonstration for the ASM Materials Camp. He plans to graduate in 2009 with his doctorate in MSE. Stephen has been funded by the NSF IGERT program for the past two years.