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Orela Suku, BSBA, 2012

Orela Suku
Business Administration

My name is Orela Suku and I am a Junior in the LeBow College of Business. I was born in Albania and moved to the United States when I was six. This major move in my live opened the door for my passion of studying foreign languages and exploring different cultures and at an early age. I started studying Italian my freshman year of high school, and that is when my best friend and I officially decided that we absolutely had to study abroad in Italy. Here I am years later with my visa and ticket in hand, and on top of that, the Gilman International Scholarship, ready to accomplish something that I had only dreamt about. I was ecstatic to find out that I was one of the recipients of the Gilman International Scholarship, because as amazing as studying abroad would be, it sure was going to be a costly. I worried that the expenses would get in the way of me realizing one of my long time goals, but now, thanks to the Gilman scholarship, so much of the financial burden has been lifted off of my shoulders.