Matthew D'Arcy

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Matthew D'Arcy, BS, 2014, Honors

Matt D'Arcy
Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

Matthew proposes to join the mission efforts of KAUSAT-5, a small spacecraft being designed and developed by the Space Systems Research Laboratory of Korea Aerospace University with the goal of mapping the Earth in the infrared spectrum. He hopes to expand his knowledge of space systems and the engineering methods of South Korea by working with graduate students to see the mission through to launch and on-orbit operations. Matthew will also work on future mission planning regarding constellation formations, multiple small spacecraft orbiting together for a greater capability.

Originally from Cherry Hill, NJ, Matthew completed his undergraduate degree at Drexel and has been active as an Orientation Leader, Resident Assistant, Founder of the Amateur Radio Club, and Brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Matthew studied abroad in Denmark during his junior year, and was also involved in the early development of Drexel’s first satellite, DragonSat-1, launched in November of 2013 under the mentorship of Dr. Jin Kang.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jin Kang

Watch Matt's interview with the Drexel Fellowships Office, in which he shares insights about his Fulbright application experience and some tips for future applicants.