Kim Marcellus

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Kim Marcellus, PhD, 2013

Kim Marcellus
Civil Engineering
Kim is a Ph.D. student in the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Department. She is a Freshman Engineering Design Fellow and works with Drs. Sabrina Spatari and Patricia Gallagher. Kim will work directly with researchers at Nagoya University in Nagoya, Japan, working on a research project entitled: “Applying GIS to Predict and Model, Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Distribution in Urban Environments.” Kim’s host scientist and advisor for this project is Dr. Hiroki Tanikawa.

The focus of the research project is to advance a successful tracking system that will provide a uniform methodology to disclose C&D waste flows. New and existing data will be synthesized to develop a centralized approach with a geospatial component to answer the questions: “Where do these waste flows most frequently occur and in what time frame are they expected to enter secondary markets?” 

Kim advises students to begin the application process early, collaborate with your advisors and their contacts abroad, and provide solid references to support your research interests and goals in the project description. The application process is intense and has many small parts that need to be submitted to be successful.