Eric Davis

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Eric Davis, PhD, 2013

Eric Davis
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Eric received the Lindau Award, an award that provides a unique opportunity for recipients to attend the annual meeting of the Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany. Eric will attend the one-week conference featuring lectures, small group discussion, and social events with the Laureates and top science doctoral students from around the world.

Eric is a graduate student researching polymer physics in Drexel’s Chemical Engineering department. More specifically, he is investigating problems of non-equilibrium moisture transport, especially in medical devices, under the supervision of Dr. Yossef Elabd.  Eric has already received awards allowing him to be a Research Fellow with the Food and Drug Administration’s Division of Chemistry and Materials Science and with the Universita di Bologna in Italy. He also received the American Chemical Society’s award for Excellence in Polymer Graduate Research. Eric attended Clemson University as an undergraduate, where he majored in Chemical Engineering.

Update: Visit our blog to read about Eric at the 2012 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. There are pictures, too.