Elliott Chiu

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Elliott Chiu, BS/MS, 2013

Elliott Chiu
Biology/Environmental Science

Elliott is a student in the Biology Department who first began doing research in the STAR program. He has since then started his own research project which is taking him to Equatorial Guinea for the second time. Under the tutelage of Dr. Gail Hearn, he will be conducting research for his thesis on the feeding ecology of an understudied species of chameleon found only on Bioko Island. 

His work has also brought him to the Pennsylvania and New Jersey wetlands, Belize, Peru, Costa Rica, and Egypt. After graduating from Drexel, Elliott plans to pursue a VMD/PhD to eventually become a research wildlife veterinarian. He hopes to conserve some of the world’s most troubled species, particularly those that suffer from recent disease epidemics.

Elliott has also been involved with Drexel University Circle K. While serving as Vice President of Service he was able to initiate additional service projects in the Philadelphia area and attract new student members.

Elliott is the first Drexel student to be named a Udall Scholar. Huge congratulations Elliott!

Update: Visit our blog to read about Elliot's experience at the Udall Scholar Orientation in Tuscon, AZ in the summer of 2012.