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Brittani West, BS, 2010

Jenell Smith
Entertainment & Arts Management

Society of the Sons of St. George Study Abroad Scholarship 2009-10

I was accepted to study abroad through Arcadia University for fall 2009 semester. I chose to study at the University of Westminster in London, England. After being accepted into the program, I was contacted by the staff at Arcadia University telling me about a scholarship that is offered for students who live in PA who have English ancestry. I was not initially sure about having English ancestry so I contacted my grandmother who I know spends a lot of time researching our ancestral history. She told me that we do in fact have English ancestry and provided me with a short description of our English ancestors and how we were connected. I forwarded this information to Arcadia, and this, along with my transcripts, essay, and letters of recommendation convinced them to award me a scholarship to assist in my study abroad plans for the fall.