Brian Leung

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Brian Leung, BS, 2011, Honors

Brian Leung

I am currently a second year Neuroscience graduate student at the University of Southern California working under Dr. Terrence Town. I started graduate school being extremely interested in how one nucleotide change in a gene could have profound effects on human behavior. This has led me to a project where I am studying how our immune system alters our mind, behavior, and perception. My current project focuses on how prolonged activation of the immune system can influence learning and memory. To study this, I am studying immune activation using the Drosophila Melanogaster as my model organism.  Completion of this work would uncover a key immune mechanism that alters learning and memory.

Looking back, I am so excited to receive the NSF GRFP and I could have done it without the foundational support from the Honors College, Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Athletics. This award has opened so many more doors that were not possible, ranging from personal academic development to inspiring the next future generation of scientists! 

Drexel mentors: Dr. Aleister Saunders & Dr. Reinhard Schweitzer-Stenner.