Beth Vermeer

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Beth Vermeer, PhD, 2014

Beth Vermeer
Business, Accounting specialization

AICPA Accounting Doctoral Scholar (ADS) 2010-14

I am currently finishing my first year of PhD studies at Drexel University. I am a CPA (currently inactive) and hold a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Science in Accounting/Taxation. Prior to entering the PhD program at Drexel, I worked for a Big 6 accounting firm in tax, worked as a tax manager for a regional CPA firm, and had my own tax practice for many years. In addition, I taught college accounting and taxation courses full time for 7 years with several years of part-time teaching.

My research interests are primarily in the areas of taxation and financial reporting. My current research is focused on behavioral tax issues, specifically on professional tax preparers and components of their decision-making environment.

I am deeply honored to be an AICPA Accounting Doctoral Scholar and I am grateful for the financial support from my profession to pursue doctoral studies in accounting and taxation.