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Aaron Sakulich, PhD, 2009

Aaron Sakulich
Materials Engineering
Fulbright Student Scholar 2007-08
Critical Language Enhancement Award (CLEA)

Fulbright grant to Morocco w/ Critical Language Enhancement Award (Moroccan Arabic), September 2007 - 2008

I originally heard about the Fulbright grant after the department secretary forwarded everyone an email announcing that applications were being accepted. I thought the program sounded awesome, but that there was no chance of me getting one. My advisor said I should try anyway, I did, and I got the grant! I spent 3 months in Fes on my CLEA learning Moroccan Arabic, and it was absolutely fantastic - class was interesting, the people were friendly, and every day was an absolute pleasure. I then spent 9 months in Casablanca at the Universite Hassan II and, again, it was excellent. Something amazing happened every day, whether it was having to explain to people on trains that I'm American despite being able to speak a foreign language or having cab drivers invite me to diner because I used the phrase "Insha'allah." I recommend the Fulbright program, and Morocco, to anyone in the absolute highest terms possible. I'd do it again if I could.

Read more about my time in Morocco here.

Take a look at this hilarious and effective book on learning Moroccan Arabic, written by Aaron Sakulich, Drexel Materials Engineering BS/PhD (2009) and 2008 Fulbrighter to Morocco: Shnoo the Hell is going on Hnaa? A Practical Guide to Learning Moroccan Darija - the Arabic Dialect of Morocco.