Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund (MMMF)

Degree Level: Undergrad, or Post UG, or Graduate

Field of Study: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, or Arts & Humanities, or Social Sci., Business, Law, Education

Special Consideration: Female

Location: International

Duration: One year

Deadlines: January. Please check website below for the specific date.

Description: The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund (MMMF) provides grants to women from developing countries to help further their education and strengthen their leadership skills to improve the lives of women and children in developing countries.

MMMF runs scholarship grants programs in the USA and Canada, South Africa and the Latin American countries. The scholarship grants are awarded to women from developing countries who upon graduation will go back and work in their countries and have a passion to impact the lives of other women and children. The value of the grants and criteria differ for each program, so please check the selection criteria and guidelines as well as the frequently asked questions carefully before applying.

Visit the Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund site.

Award Details

Duration: one year

Fields of Study: any, related to developing nations

Additional Qualifications: women; from developing nation, at least 25 years old; intends to return to her country (or other developing country) within two years of completing use of the MMMF grant and perform at least two years of service