Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Degree Level: Undergrad, or Post UG, or Graduate

Enrollment Status: Full-time

Field of Study: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Location: United States

Duration: Multi-year

Deadlines: October. Please check website below for the specific date.


A highly selective award for students who are intending to pursue a Ph.D. in applied physical sciences at one of the approximately two dozen schools that have administrative agreements with the Hertz Foundation. Please note that Drexel is not currently a Hertz-tenable school.

The Hertz Foundation's Graduate Fellowship award, which is based on merit consists of a full cost-of-education allowance and a personal-support stipend. The Fellowship award is renewable annually (upon a showing of satisfactory progress toward receipt of the Ph.D. degree) for a total Fellowship tenure of no more than five years. The Hertz Foundation is looking for:

Exceptional Intelligence and Creativity
with particular emphasis on those aspects pertinent to technical endeavors.

Excellent Technical Education
evidenced not only by transcripts and reference reports from senior technical professionals, but also by the results of a personal, technical interview.

Orientation and Commitment to the applications of the physical sciences
as is typical of most applicants.

Extraordinary Accomplishment in technical or related professional studies
which may offset slightly lower academic records, or add luster to outstanding ones.

Features of Temperament and Character conducive to high attainment as a technical professional
the assessment of which is difficult, albeit important to the Foundation.

Appropriate moral and ethical values
of considerable interest to the Foundation in the furthering of our basic goals.

what difference the award of the Hertz Fellowship is likely to make in the kind, quality, and/or personal creativity of the student's graduate research.

Visit the Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship site.

Award Details

Duration: Up to five years

Location: Graduate programs at one of the tenable schools. List of eligible schools.

Fields of Study: Applied physical, biological and engineering sciences. These fields include applied mathematics, statistics, and quantitative aspects of modern biology.