National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science (GEM)

Degree Level: Undergrad, or Post UG, or Graduate

Field of Study: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

GPA Cutoff: 2.8

Special Consideration: Underrepresented racial or ethnic group

Location: United States

Duration: One year, or Multi-year

Deadlines: November. Please check website below for the specific date.


The National GEM Consortium is addressing the critical shortfall in the production of American engineering and scientific talent. Our model is strategic and proven with more than three decades of results. As a nonprofit corporation, our core business is providing graduate fellowships in engineering and science to highly qualified individuals from communities where human capital is virtually untapped.

The National GEM Consortium's primary focus is to administer and award fellowships with paid internships to highly qualified under-represented students who wish to pursue graduate studies in engineering or science. GEM's program activities, however, go beyond financial support by engendering student success in academic and professional environments. GEM has a solid success record in implementing effective programs to increase the recruitment, retention, and graduation of under-represented students.

Award Details

Amount: tuition and fees at GEM consortium school + stipend + internships

Duration: 1-5 years