American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) Summer Fellowship Practicum Program

Degree Level: Undergrad, or Post UG, or Graduate

Enrollment Status: Full-time

Field of Study: Social Sci., Business, Law, Education

Location: United States

Duration: Short term (less than one year)

Deadlines: March. Please check website below for the specific date.


AIER’s Summer Fellowship Practicum program will introduce accomplished college students, post graduates and graduate students to the Institute’s mission, work and research principles. Working closely with AIER research staff, summer fellows are immersed in the economic research process from “conception to completion”. The AIER Practicum will enhance Fellows’ understanding of economic concepts, theories, and real world applications, and provide an opportunity to develop research, writing and presentation skills.

AIER offers a Summer Fellowship Practicum for 8 weeks during the summer months, ensuring that substantive projects are undertaken and completed, and that diverse educational forums are taking place, including an extra-curricular cultural program.

Junior and senior college students majoring in economics, finance, business or related fields as well as graduate students in economics, finance, business or related fields are encouraged to apply. Summer Fellows will receive a stipend and are offered an opportunity to live on campus (must be at least 21 years of age).

Visit the AIER Summer Fellowship Practicum Program site.