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How to Search for Fellowships

One of the more difficult parts of the fellowship application process is finding what to apply for. The hunt can be tedious at times, though the breadth of opportunities available can also make it exhilarating.

Research your options. You have many. Use these pages to help you get started. The Fellowships Office has its own database, but don’t stop here. There are a wide range of resources out there that can help you find support for everything from undergraduate study to international research. If you still don’t see a good fit, ask faculty for suggestions and look to professional or academic associations. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so take it in small pieces.

Check basic eligibility requirements. Make sure you meet a fellowship’s requirements for degree level, nationality, field of study, grade point average, and so on. These are the non-negotiable requirements of the award.

Look for a good fit. Try to find awards that value those things that really matter most to you. Why bother going for an award that prioritizes intense research and scholarship if your passion is for public service (or vice versa)? If the website lists previous recipients of the award, look through those. Can you see yourself among them?

Go for it! Don’t be too quick to discount yourself from awards that might seem out of reach. Someone has to receive them, and the only way to assure that you won’t is to not apply. If you meet the basic eligibility requirements, the award matches your interests, and you have faculty who will write strong letters for you, go for it.

Apply for multiple awards. Once you’re doing all this work to apply, you can increase your chances of receiving a fellowship by applying for multiple awards. As you dig in and look through the options on these pages, take note of anything that seems like it might work.

Good luck, be patient, and dream big.

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