For Faculty

The Drexel Fellowships Office thanks you for all the ways in which you nurture and support your students all year long. Our students consider applying for these competitive fellowships because you, the faculty, stoke their fires of intellectual ambition, or perhaps you light those fires for them for the first time. It is because of the way that you work with your students day in and day out that they can compete successfully for these most prestigious awards. And when they compete for these awards, they put themselves squarely in the company of the very best students in the country.

When our students go off as Gates Cambridge Scholars, Fulbright Scholars, or NSF Graduate Fellows, it is significant for the broader University community as well. It signals to the rest of the world what we already know – that our best students are just absolutely amazing. This helps us recruit and retain even better students down the road, which in turn helps recruit and retain top faculty to join us in our work here. This effort is thus an integral part of transforming our campus into a global and ambitious community of scholars.

When you see a bright and ambitious student, or one with great potential, I encourage you to take a few minutes to identify that student, talk with him or her, and, at the very least, refer them to my office. It often takes very little to change a student’s life; just a few words from you can make a difference.