Application Timetable


  1. Review.
  2. Thoroughly review website of the program that interests you.

  3. Check eligibility.
    Be certain you fulfill ALL eligibility requirements.

    -Minimum GPA
    -Degree status/year
    -Language skills
    -Career goals
    -Fields of study
    -Appropriate experience

  4. Contact the Drexel Fellowships Office.

    Email us at to schedule an appointment and to find out if there is an internal, campus deadline for the award.

  5. Open an application.

    Most programs have online applications. Open one to see what's involved and in some cases to receive newsletters and announcements.

  6. Consult with faculty.

    Faculty can be particularly helpful in developing an interesting and feasible project idea. They will also be writing your letters of recommendations. Set up appointments to meet with each potential recommender as early as possible in the process. Solicit their input and advice on your application and ask if they are willing to work with you on essays.

  7. Begin work on essays.

    Expect to spend 1‐3 months working on these essays. For advice on essay writings please see our Essay Writing Strategies section.

At least 1 month before deadline

  1. Ask recommenders to write letter
    How to do this and what to bring.

    Bring one page sheet that includes:
    -Description of program purpose and criteria,
    -One paragraph on you and why you want this award,
    -Details on how to submit letter, to whom, and the deadline.

    Also include:
    -A draft of your essay, ideally for feedback
    -A copy of your resume
    -Perhaps a sample of a project or paper you've written for that person.

2-4 weeks before deadline

  1. Revise revise revise your essays.
    Tips on Essay Revisions

    -Get feedback from readers in your discipline and outside of it.
    -Be sure your essays have theses that are not obvious or trite. Be sure that central claim is made clearly and early in the essay.
    -Be sure everything in essay helps make your central case.
    -Look at the program's criteria and be sure you make the case for why you are an outstanding candidate for the specific award.
    -Strive for language that is concise, precise, direct, persuasive.

  2. Order transcripts.

    Request formal transcript from Drexel and any other required schools.

  3. Peer review.

    Show your essays to a peer: Does it paint a coherent picture of you? Is it persuasive? Then revise again.

1-2 weeks before deadline

  1. Reminder.

    Gentle reminder to faculty for any letters not yet received.

5-7 days before deadline

  1. Check that you have all materials and submit application.

    If University nomination is required for the award, faculty panels will be convened shortly after the internal deadline. You will be notified as soon as possible whether you have been nominated.