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Adjunct Faculty Resources

Adjunct Coffees

Drexel’s Adjunct Faculty Initiative has examined the needs and interests of adjunct and part-time faculty members, and improving two-way communication was a common theme, among others. As such, Interim Provost James Herbert, Ph.D., and Vice Provost Janet Fleetwood, Ph.D., Director of the Office of Faculty Development & Equity, have worked together to create opportunities such as the adjunct coffee hours for adjunct faculty members to network with colleagues and to talk about academic life at Drexel.

Resource Guide for Adjunct Faculty

The Resource Guide for Adjunct Faculty, provided in PDF format, contains a wealth of information tailored to the specific needs of Adjunct faculty. Please note that although many of the services mentioned are available to all faculty, this resource guide is primarily targeted at Adjunct Faculty teaching undergraduate courses.

Resource Guide Contents

Getting Started Teaching Resources University/Department Resources

Introduce Yourself to the Staff at Your Department

Special Classroom Requests Work Requests

New Employee Paperwork

Audio/Visual and Graphic Services


Payroll Basics

University Libraries/Copyright Law

Dining Options at Drexel University

Drexel Email Account

Online Learning


DrexelOne Portal

Book Orders


Drexel ID

Office Hours

Drexel Shuttle Service

Dragonfly Wireless Internet


Public Safety
Office Space Accessibility (Disabilities) Statement School Closing Information
Academic Calendars, Campus Maps Academic Integrity/Honesty/Plagiarism Additional Useful Weblinks
The Office of Faculty Development & Equity Attendance Policy Important Notes
  Students Adding Courses University City Campus Map
  Students Dropping/Withdrawing from Courses Center City Campus Map
  Grading/Incompletes/Final Exams Queen Lane Campus Map
  Graduating Undergraduate Seniors  
  Course Evaluations  
  The Drexel Center for Academic Excellence  

Drexel Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Awards

Application window currently closed. The 2015-2016 round of Drexel Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Awards will be announced in Fall 2015.

Academic Year 2014-2015 Award Recipients:

  • Catherine Bartch, Lindy Center for Civic Engagement
  • Veronica Finkelstein, Thomas R. Kline School of Law
  • Katherine Knoeringer, Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design
  • Debra Lawrence, School of Education
  • J.P. Lutz, Center for Hospitality & Sport Management
  • Robin Vann Lynch, School of Education

Please join us in congratulating the 2014-2015 awardees.


The Drexel Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Awards are administered by the Office of Faculty Development & Equity in the Office of the Provost. The program provides funding for Drexel adjunct faculty to attend conferences, seminars, workshops and professional meetings that are directly related to and will enhance the applicant’s professional development goals and/or enhance teaching skills and student learning at Drexel.

All adjunct faculty members who have taught a minimum of 5 courses at Drexel over the preceding two academic years are eligible to apply. For this purpose, multiple sections of the same course are counted individually, and courses/sections taught during the term of application should also be included in the calculation. Applicants are responsible for submitting a complete electronic application to the Office of Faculty Development & Equity by the submission due date. Applicants will receive a reply acknowledging the proposal submission within 2 business days. If such a receipt is not received, applicants should contact the Office at 215-895-2141 or

  • $1,000 per applicant is available for up to six awards per academic year.
  • The minimum amount for the award is $500. Applications under $500 will not be considered.
  • Applicants are eligible to apply every other academic year, although first-time applicants will be given priority.
  • Priority is given to applicants who are presenting professional work or otherwise participating in a conference.

Applications should specifically state how the activity relates to the applicant’s professional development, as well as how the applicant plans to incorporate this experience into his/her work at Drexel. Applications must also contain a brief letter of support from the head of the applicant’s academic unit at Drexel. Strong applications will also contain well-researched budget estimates using GSA guidelines

Upon acceptance of the Drexel Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Award, the applicant will receive the approved amount in a lump sum funding transfer to their Department’s account. After travel is complete or funds are expended, the applicant must complete a brief online report of the activity and submit it within 14 days of return from the funded activity.

For questions regarding the Drexel Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Awards, please contact the Office of Faculty Development & Equity at 215-895-2141 or

Eligible Categories of Expenses

The award can be used toward the cost of economy roundtrip travel. In the case of transportation by car, the award can be used to cover rental car expenses or mileage and toll reimbursements for use of personal vehicle (please refer to Drexel’s mileage reimbursement policy).

Per Diem rates should be calculated based on information posted on the GSA website and must be included in the application. Any incidental expenses shall be covered under the per diem allowance. This includes, but is not limited to: meals, parking fees, taxi charges, local transportation costs, checked luggage charges, and internet fees.

For lodging expenses, if applicant travels with a guest and accommodations are made with an establishment that charges per person rather than per room, the award should be used to cover the expenses of the award recipient only.

For registration fees, applicants are expected to research any discounts that may apply to Drexel faculty members for that particular organization.


Health Care Benefits for Adjunct Faculty Members

Effective January 1, 2015, all Drexel non benefit-eligible employees, including adjunct faculty members, who worked an average of at least 30 hours per week over the previous 12 month period, are offered health benefits in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

We recognize that classroom hours alone do not adequately account for the time and energy that goes into teaching a course. Consistent with ACA guidance, Drexel calculates adjunct teaching hours by multiplying each credit hour by a "reasonable" factor to account for preparation time, office hours, grading, etc. For a standard lecture course, the ACA provided an example of a factor that would be considered reasonable of 2.25, which is what Drexel - and most colleges and universities across the country - has chosen for calculating hours worked. However, the factor varies depending on the type of course being taught (e.g. lab, lecture, full instruction). Each school's academic administrators have a chart defining how to perform these calculations. For example, a three-credit lecture course would count for 6.75 work hours per week.

At Drexel, each adjunct faculty member's total workload is calculated by looking back over the previous 12 months and determining what would constitute 9 months of the equivalent of 30 hours per week of work. While the ACA mandates medical coverage only, Drexel goes beyond the minimum and offers all ACA-eligible adjunct faculty dental, vision and prescription drug coverage as well. ACA-eligible adjunct faculty members are offered the same four medical plan options as full-time faculty and professional staff, at the part-time benefit-eligible rates. Coverage is offered for 12 months, provided the adjunct faculty member continues to be employed at Drexel.

Through May 1, 2015 a total of 81 Drexel faculty and professional staff have been offered coverage under the ACA, 54 of whom are adjunct faculty members. Only about 20% of the 54 adjuncts who are eligible have actually opted to receive Drexel health benefits. This isn't surprising given that many of our adjuncts are professionals in fields outside higher education and have full-time jobs elsewhere.

If you have specific questions about the Affordable Care Act or benefits eligibility, please contact Chris Brutsche, Director, Drexel Benefits, at

Departmental Contacts for Adjunct Faculty

These key contacts can assist you with questions as you get started, as well as throughout the term. Please click on your College/School to open the drop-down list of contacts.

Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Architecture and
Jon Coddington, Department Head Tel: 215-895-6090
Art and Art History Patricia Brack, Assistant to the Department Head Tel: 215-895-1336
Arts and Entertainment Enterprise Bridget Lynch, Program Administrator Tel: 215-895-6402
Fashion Design and Merchandising Victoria Hurst, Administrative Assistant Tel: 215-895-2390
Graphic Design Jody Graff, Program Director Tel: 215-895-0294
Photography Paul Runyon, Program Director Tel: 215-895-2932
Performing Arts Helene Engel, Department Administrator Tel: 215-895-2451
Television Production
and Media Management
Sharon Walker, Assistant to the Department Head Tel: 215-895-2407

Bennet S. LeBow College of Business

Accounting and Tax Megan Snell, Administrative Secretary Tel: 215-895-2116
Decision Sciences Jenna Rose Pepe, Department Manager Tel: 215-895-2130
Economics Michelle Sykes, Senior Secretary Tel: 215-895-6156
Finance Maria Myers, Department Manager Tel: 215-895-1741
Legal Studies Kimberly Williams, Senior Secretary Tel: 215-895-2145
Management Rebekka Shepherd, Department Manager Tel: 215-895-2143
Marketing Kim Williams, Department Manager Tel: 215-895-2145

College of Arts and Sciences

Biology Brenda Jones-Bowden, Office Services Coordinator Tel: 215-895-2788
Chemistry Joseph Foley, Interim Assoc. Dept. Head Tel: 215-895-6218
Culture and Communication Caroline Chmielewski, Department Administrator Tel: 215-895-1313/2455
English and Philosophy Mary Beth Beyer, Department Administrator Tel: 215-895-6911
History and Politics Melissa Mansfield, Department Administrator Tel: 215-895-6764
Interdisciplinary Programs Jessica Kratzer, Program Coordinator Tel: 215-895-1863
Mathematics David Ambrose, Assoc. Department Head Tel: 215-895-6347
Physics Steve McMillan, Department Head Tel: 215-895-2709
Psychology (Undergraduate) Tara McNair, Academic Coordinator Tel: 215-895-0487
Psychology (Graduate) Damaris Oquendo, Academic Coordinator Tel: 215-762-7249 

College of Computing and Informatics

College-Wide Contact  Dave Raiken, Program Coordinator Tel: 215-895-2485
College-Wide Contact Yolanda Udvardy, Program Coordinator Tel: 215-895-6335

College of Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering Andrea Falcone, Office Manager Tel: 215-895-2227
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Sharon Stokes, Assistant to Department Head Tel: 215-895-2341
Electrical and Computer Engineering Kathy Bryant, Executive Assistant to the Dept. Head Tel: 215-895-1723
Materials Science and Engineering Richard Knight, Assoc. Department Head Tel: 215-895-1844
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics David Miller, Interim Department Head Tel: 215-895-2429

College of Medicine

College-Wide Contact Jackie Shepeski, Senior Academic Coordinator Tel: 215-762-4126

College of Nursing and Health Professions

Primary College-Wide Contact Alecia Fox, Sr. Director of Nursing Faculty Resources Tel: 215-762-1844
Behavioral Health Counseling Erin Leaver-Schmidt, Program Coordinator Tel: 215-762-1942
Couple and Family Therapy Billie Joe Lockard, Administrative Coordinator Tel: 215-762-1867
Creative Arts in Therapy Gail Wells, Administrative Coordinator Tel: 215-762-6924 x1
Doctoral Nursing Anna Pohuly, Program Coordinator Tel: 215-762-2651
Health Services Administration Rita O'Donnell, Administrative Coordinator Tel: 215-762-1475
Physician Assistant Denise Mielechowski, Business Manager  Tel: 215-762-4332
Radiologic Technology  Lavetta Reliford, Director  Tel: 215-553-7040
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences  Ryan Moffat, Program Administrator Tel: 215-762-7470

Goodwin College of Professional Studies

Burlington Programs
(Drexel at BCC)
Megan Elrath, Computing and Tech. Advisor Tel: 856-222-2058
Computing and Security Technology Scott White, Program Director Tel: 215-895-0910
Construction Management James Tsafos, Program Manager Tel: 215-895-6024
Engineering Technology Gery Willis, Program Manager Tel: 215-895-6253
Hospitality, Culinary Science an Food Science Erica Friedman, Program Manager Tel: 215-895-2836
Multidisciplinary and Emerging Programs Mercedes Moultrie, Interim Program Manager Tel: 215-571-3939
Sports Management Heather Blackburn, Director, Admin. and Student Services Tel: 215-895-0913

School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems

School-Wide Contact Natalia Broz, Grad, Studies and Special Projects Coordinator Tel: 215-895-2044

School of Education

Educational Administration Allen Grant, Program Director Tel: 215-895-6232
Ed.D. Edward Bureau, Program Director Tel: 215-895-2856
Global and International Education Kristy Kelly, Program Director Tel: 215-895-2381
Higher Education Jose Chavez, Program Director Tel: 916-325-4610
Human Resource Development Salvatore Falletta, Program Director Tel: 916-325-4609
Learning Technologies  Elizabeth Haslam, Program Director  Tel: 215-895-1277
Math Learning and Teaching  Jason Silverman, Program Director  Tel: 215-895-6087
Ph.D.   Jason Silverman, Program Director  Tel: 215-895-6087
Special Education  Lori Severino, Program Director  Tel: 215-895-6770
Teacher Certification  Sarah Ulrich, Program Director  Tel: 215-895-1865 

School of Law

School-Wide Contact  Mary McGovern, Assistant Dean Tel: 215-571-4815

School of Public Health

Community Health and Prevention  Angel Dorsey, Administrative Assistant Tel: 215-762-4886
Environmental and Occupational Health  Carolyn Jackson, Administrative Assistant  Tel: 267-359-6046
Epidemiology and Biostatistics  Mary Carty, Educational Program Coordinator  Tel: 215-359-6205
Health Management and Policy  Sheila McMillan, Administrative Assistant  Tel: 267-359-6010

Adjunct Faculty Senate Representatives

Adjunct faculty members are represented with voice but not vote on the Faculty Senate. Four adjunct representatives, and alternates, come from the colleges that employ the most adjunct faculty, including the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Nursing and Health Professions, Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, and the School of Education. The current representatives are:

College of Arts and Sciences

Stephen Iwanczuk -
Alternate: Blythe Davenport -

College of Nursing and Health Professions

John Taylor -
Alternate: David Caldwell -

Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Rosemary Murphy -
Alternate: TBA

School of Education

Stephanie Sutcliffe -
Alternate: Alice Reyes - 

Meeting Spaces

In addition to any office space provided by your department, the following locations are available for meetings:

Open Meeting Spaces, No Reservation Required

Available space open to the university community that can be used to meet with students one-on-one or as a small group.

  • University Club, City View Room: Monday  Friday, 4:00pm 10:00pm (as available)
  • Library Learning Terrace: hours are available online 
  • Gerri C. Lebow Student Living Room: Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 10:00pm
  • Ross Commons Room 302: Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 10:00pm
  • Hagerty Library Lower Level Seating Area: Monday – Thursday, 7:30am – 2:00am

Reservable Meeting Spaces at Drexel Libraries

Drexel Libraries maintains a total of 37 group study rooms on the University City, Center City and Queen Lane campuses. Any Drexel faculty, student or staff member may use a group study room on a drop-in basis or may reserve one online for small group or one-on-one interactions. These interactions often include meetings between faculty and students. Group study rooms can be reserved online.

Research Connections is a designated conference room within W. W. Hagerty Library providing a quiet space for Drexel faculty to retreat for individual work in proximity to others or for scheduled collaborative sessions. It offers a dozen movable and comfortable seats, a white board, a projector and screen, power outlets and a speakerphone. Access to the room is through the Administrative Office suite, Mondays-Fridays 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Drop-in use is welcome, scheduled sessions may be requested by contacting the Libraries Administrative Office at 215-895-2750.

Additional Reservable Meeting Spaces

The reservable spaces listed below can be booked by completing the Event & Conference Services General Request Form. Please note that you will need to obtain your department's fund and org numbers so that you can provide them on the form (this information will only be used to ensure prompt processing of your request - your department will not incur any charges).

  • Ross Commons 302
  • Ross Commons 316
  • MacAlister 2020
  • MacAlister 2019

Useful Publications

A list of publications related to non-tenure track faculty life, including materials specific to adjunct faculty, is available in the Development section of the FDE website.