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iOS Development Tutorials

In this screencast, we cover the basics of Xcode, Interface Builder, UI Elements, and some basic functionality. Users will link a button to some code that toggles the visibility of a label.

In this screencast, we create a project that allows users to input their names and be greeted. We’ll cover accessing text from a property, manipulating strings, if statements, and updating the interface based on processing prompted by user input.

In this screencast, we introduce arrays, string formatting, and add a randomization layer to the app’s greetings.

In this screencast, we take the previous functionality and create the Greeter class, which is responsible for returning random greetings. The Model-View-Controller paradigm is briefly introduced, along with Inheritance and Subclassing.

In this screencast, we modify the Greeter class to handle error checking for us instead of using the View Controllers. We cover separation of responsibility and self-validation.

In this video, I introduce LocalNote, a notebook app that allows users to easily keep track of their projects.

In this video, I cover how to start with Xcode's Empty Application Template and set up the project efficiently from the beginning.

In this video, I show how to implement the "Model" part of LocalNote. You'll learn about looping and further your understanding of subclassing.

In this screencast, I introduce the WhiteBoard project, which turns iOS into a simple canvas for drawing!

In this video, I cover basic drawing to the screen using UIBezierPath, UIView subclassing, touch-event handling, and shake gestures.

In this video, I extend upon WhiteBoard to add colors drawn paths using UIView tagging, custom buttons with background images, and a custom subclass of UIBezierPath.

In this video, we'll cover the creation of custom view controllers and laying out the interface in a storyboard.

In this video, we'll cover bridging the Storyboard with the View Controllers via outlets and actions.

In this video, we'll create the core of the app's functionality by combining our data with our view controllers.

In this video, I'll cover NSCoding, a protocol used to snapshot objects and save them to a file for permanent storage.