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The Drexel Publishing Group (DPG) oversees four literary publications at Drexel University, including 5027 Mac, The 33rd, Painted Bride Quarterly and Maya. These publications highlight outstanding writing from Drexel students and faculty, as well as international authors.

The 33rd is an interdisciplinary, multi-genre anthology that features work from both Drexel students and faculty. Its versatility and wide-rage of topics make the anthology an exciting addition to the freshman writing curriculum at Drexel.

Painted Bride Quarterly (PBQ) is a long-running literary magazine, established in 1973 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PBQ's main agenda is to maintain high-quality literature that represents the individual. Housed in the Department of English and Philosophy at Drexel University, PBQ is a community-based and independent non-profit organization.

The Painted Bride Quarterly

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Maya is a student-run, undergraduate literary magazine housed in the Department of English and Philosophy at Drexel University. Maya provides the student body with an opportunity to have their work published. Those interested can also gain hands-on experience in running a literary magazine.

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