Senior Project Presentations

June 11, 2014 — Panorama of students and professors

Senior English majors presented their final projects on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014. Senior projects are cultivated throughout their senior year, culminating in intense one-on-one meetings with their advisors in the Spring term and a presentation with their fellow majors at the end of the year.

Ten students presented this year. Projects ranged from "The History of the Drexel University Rifle Team" to "Bella's Inner Vampire" and "Myths of the English Major." Afterwards, students and faculty members enjoyed the end-of-year party together, celebrating not just the end of the year, but the end of Dr. Raymond Brebach's term as the English Program Director.

Click below for more images from the event. All photos were taken by Ted Fristrom.

Panorama of students and professors Student with Drs. Abioseh Porter and Gabriella Ibieta Students with Dr. Miriam Kotzin Students with Drs. Donna Rondolone, Eva Thury, and Gail Rosen