Irvin Peckham, PhD

Director, First-Year Writing Program; Teaching Professor

Dr. Irvin Peckham

Office: 5043 MacAlister Hall
Phone: 215.895.6647


  • PhD, English and American Literature with an emphasis on Rhetoric and Composition, University of California at San Diego
  • MA, English Literature, University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • BS, English Literature, University of Wisconsin at Madison


I have taught writing at high school and college levels. After receiving my PhD, I taught at the University of Nebraska, Omaha; Louisiana State University; and now at Drexel University.

My research interests are social class theory and writing instruction; writing assessment; and the use of personal writing in classroom settings. I have been a writing program director at Nebraska, LSU, and now at Drexel and am actively involved in issues associated with the administration of required writing programs.

I am an avid biker (mountain, road, and motorcycle) and love to sing and play my guitar, preferably with friends. I know what a gift life is and why it shouldn’t be wasted.



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