Cassandra Hirsch

Assistant Teaching Professor

Cassandra Hirsch

Office: 109GL Drexel Plaza
Phone: (215) 571-4528


  • BA, English, York University, 1987
  • MFA, Creative Writing (Fiction), Rosemont College, 2008


From 1991-2006, I contributed essays, features, and profiles to regional and local (Philadelphia) newspapers and magazines. My fiction has been published in Philadelphia Stories, my creative non-fiction in Parlor Journal. The latter piece, “Ghosts,” (memoir) was nominated for a 2008 Pushcart Prize. In 2009, my novel-in-progress, set in 1850’s coastal Massachusetts, was awarded the Novel of Promise Award from Ocean Creative Publishing. An excerpt of the novel and an interview can be found at I have been an adjunct English instructor at Drexel University since 2008. When not teaching, I am a fiction/memoir writing workshop facilitator, and a freelance editor.

Favorite Authors and/or Books: Anita Shreve (just about anything she's written); Jane Austen (Sense and Sensibility); Ann Patchett. Truth is, I just love books; looking at them, possessing them, their smell, their texture. They always seem thicker after I've read them, particularly soft-cover books!

Favorite Musical Artists: The Beatles, Sheryl Crow, The Eagles, Sara Bareiiles, Joni Mitchell, Squeeze, Wilco, and anything with a good percussion.

Personal Interests and Hobbies: A long, brisk walk (in decent weather, cold or warm); traveling just about anywhere; writing and reading(!); listening to other people's stories.

A Favorite Quote: "I'm very much aware that all of my preparations, despite my earnestness, are merely prologue." Journal of my brother, Colin Stuart Krivy, 1967-2004, at the start of the cross-Canada cycling tour that took his life.

Favorite TV Show: Sherlock (BBC modern adaptation), Torchwood (lots of moral ambiguity in both).

One thing that makes me smile is: the realization that I get to meet 60+ new young people every ten weeks who will share their experiences with me through writing and dialogue.

A Pet Peeve is: Pretense. Be who you are, not how you think other people should see you. You'll get there (see my quote).

One hidden talent is: that I can often see past the pretense and that helps me to appreciate the individual.

One reason I like my job is: its variety of faces and experiences. I guess I keep coming back to the notion of enjoying people of all ages.