Cheri Brooks

Adjunct Instructor

Cheri Brooks

Office: 0032C MacAlister Hall


  • BA, University of Oregon, 1989 
  • MS, Environmental Studies, University of Oregon, 1996
  • JD, University of Oregon School of Law, 2005


I am a practicing attorney at the Defender Association of Philadelphia and also teach courses related to criminal justice. I have worked in the arena of professional ethics with Forest Service whistle-blowers and on the front lines of the American justice system, representing indigent defendants. In my article, "Race, Politics, and Denial: How Oregon Forgot to Ratify the 14th Amendment," I explored how societal selective memory operates to limit both awareness and confrontation of institutionalized racism in a state that prides itself on being "liberal." As a lawyer, I'm interested in how race and class play a role in who is arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. As a teacher, I hope students will collectively challenge their own assumptions about morality, ethics, justice, and equality. Ideally, I work to create a classroom community in which both teaching and learning are shared among all participants.